A long, hot summer

The Front Strange, as seen while southbound from the AFA's North Gate.

The Front Strange, as seen while southbound from the AFA's North Gate.

Squeezed another nice, hot ride in today, this time out to the Air Force Academy and back.

I was thinking about riding out to Palmer Lake and back, which is a 50-mile U-turn, but man — it was hot, windy, dry and dusty, so I called it quits at the AFA’s North Gate and turned around. Good thing, too, ’cause the wind went nuts shortly after I got home. Now I can smell smoke from either the Royal Gorge fire, the Medano blaze or some other seasonal conflagration, and it looks like tornado weather out there.

Meanwhile, some folks will be riding their bicycles around France starting a week from tomorrow, and that means I’ll be working five days a week just like the rest of y’all, assuming you are fortunate enough to enjoy continued employment in this mess they call an economy.

It’s no time to be on the dole, to be sure — not with Senate Repuglicans smugly flipping a neatly manicured, pudgy middle digit to the unemployed. As Steve Benen noted at Political Animal:

“We’ve gone from one erratic senator flipping off a reporter to an entire party caucus flipping off millions of Americans. We’ve gone from a seemingly unstable lawmaker telling a colleague, “Tough sh*t” to the entire Republican conference telling the whole country, ‘Tough sh*t.’

“In the late winter, Jim Bunning was something of a laughing stock. In the early summer, we have an entire Party of Bunnings.”

So true. And so sad. I don’t know how one deals with a completely unprincipled, mendacious opposition with the compassion of a rabid hyena on a gutpile and the smarts of a bag of hammers.

2 Responses to “A long, hot summer”

  1. 1

    Yes, the Reptards are bound and determined to kick a poor guy while he’s down. Like getting a job is so f-in’ easy. I’m just glad I got a job this week. Not what I wanted, but the mortgage company could give a rat’s ass how I made the cash to make the payment. It looks like my soon to be bride is getting her shot at a good job now, too. Funny, the business I went to work for is owned and run by very socially conscious, community involved people and the one I was sacked by is run by a young Rep ego-maniac who is auguring the business into the ground. Nothing good has come from the anti-social conservative zealots after G-Dub and the boys ransacked the economy and headed for the hills. Poor Obama sure picked a shitty time to be elected.

  2. 2

    Couldn’t agree with you more Boz re: Obama’s election timing. The NEXT election is where he, and the party, could have started to do some real good; he’s a solid five years too early for making the changes we need. We’ve got some wicked, ugly times to come and Obama is going to blamed for ALL the fallout.

    I’m not a politico by any stretch of the imagination, but I KNEW that Obama would win this last election and I also know that he will lose the next one. It’s been said SO many times over the last decades, but these are really scary times. I’m seeing so many people taking on board and listening - and I mean really LISTENING - to Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly, Limbaugh, et al, that I fear the worst.

    But I don’t know shit. Motor racing, racing engine engineering, motorcycles, cycling… I’m your man. But at nearly 60 years old now, I just keep retreating away from all the rest of the “real” world because it just scares the crap outta me. Call me “head in sand” or “head up the ass”, or just plain reactionary, I’m going to keep our retreat in Tuscany to hide out

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