’Cross comes to Fort Fun

If I didn’t have to work weekends I’d be up in Fort Collins today and tomorrow, spectating at the New Belgium Cup.

But I do, so I’m not. If you’re in the same boat you can catch the action live via streaming video over at VeloNews.com.

• Late update: Jesus, these guys suck. No focus on the real action, no details of same, lousy camerawork, no sense of timing. It’s like watching your dad’s home videos, if dad smoked a lot of weed. I updated my Flash Player for this? I don’t care how many Clif Shots Colt had — I want to know what lap folks are on, splits between the leaders and the chasers … you know, all that boring journalisticky kind of stuff.

• Even later update: Bad ugly mud up there at Fort Fun. Brick-making stuff, like the evil adobe goo we have in sections of Palmer Park and Sondermann Park, as I discovered the hard way. Now I stay the hell out of those places after a bout of what the Irish call “soft” weather. The Fort Fun car washes will collect many quarters tonight, while local motels endure the dread Brown Towel Syndrome.

One Response to “’Cross comes to Fort Fun”

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    PBP for cycling seems stoopid to the extreme. Listen to the Masters (Paul & Phil) and then imagine some neophyte trying to emulate it. Let the drinking games begin!!!! As one who has tried to do PBP and color, it is not as easy as one thinks. Especially when you only do it for a few seconds a day. Glad I missed it Patrick but I am just as sorry to hear you did not.

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