Farking iceholes

Yay! We’ve had our first multivehicle pileup of the winter driving season.

It wasn’t especially massive — only 34 vehicles, including four semis, and 12 people hospitalized, just two of them in serious condition. Still, way to go, guys. Keep speeding and hugging that bumper in front of you, regardless of road and weather conditions. Hell ain’t half full.

Monday is ordinarily one of Herself’s days in the Denver office, so I had to ring her up to make sure she wasn’t dead in a ditch somewhere. Happily, she wasn’t. It took me 36 years to get her installed, and I’m not looking forward to auditioning any replacements.

3 Responses to “Farking iceholes”

  1. 1
    Darren Sherkat:

    Jeez, I thought they at least knew how to drive on that in the mountains. But, I guess what with everyone driving around talking on the phone and texting pictures of their netherwads to prospective tongue waddles….

  2. 2
    Ben S:

    Every night as I ghost over the Edens ‘Expressway’ I realize those people in their cars are safer than me. At zero velocity there are no collisions. Highway at 0 Kelvin.

  3. 3
    steve o:

    beware when i move to a new town …

    first month in Stuttgart, there was a 120 vehicle pileup. not a typo.

    first week in Korea i saw a bongo truck go off the side of a bridge.

    and second day in Kuwait, an on-coming 6-series Beemer launched himself over the jersey barrier in my general direction, rolling sideways in our lane maybe a dozen times before i grabbed the wheel from the driver (who didn’t see it because he was telling me a fishing story) and veered us into the far right lane.

    mostly folks in CO drive sensibly, if by “sensibly” all i mean is “not as ass-backwards as most of the rest of the country.”

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