The mutt, having micturated, moves on

OK, so I didn’t tackle the software update. So sue me. After spending the morning IM-wrestling with tech support, an experience for which “Brazil” only partially prepared me, I decided I was approaching this whole site-repair thing from the wrong angle.

So instead of risking the destruction of two years’ worth of irreplaceable snark, venom and lunacy, I exported this WordPress v2.6 blog you’re reading as an XML file and imported it into my free backup site, It took a couple tries, but I think all my priceless words, pix, videos and podcasts survived the trip across the virtual pond. (Incidentally, they are priceless only in the sense that they were all done for free.)

Now, with the FreeDog site ticking along nicely, and the PayDog site’s tables and other data backed up elsewhere, I can spend a little time trying to scratch the fleas off this verminous virtual hound. I may double-post, both here and there, until the dust settles, but I wouldn’t count on it. Sometimes even mono-posting is beyond me.

So bookmark, ’cause I think I’m going to be doing most of my raving over there for a while. And feel free to leave your critiques in comments. It remains very much a work in progress.

One Response to “The mutt, having micturated, moves on”

  1. 1

    I knew I was paying too much for this drivel…….

    Excellent work O’G. Keep the rubber side down…..and “reaching for the stars!”

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