White tigers in the trees

It was a fine day for cats in Bibleburg: upper 60s, sunny, and trees bereft of leaves, which make for excellent birdwatching. It was a tad windy for cycling, so when I gave the VeloNews.com crowd the slip for an hour I rolled on over to Palmer Park, where a guy can dodge the worst of it.

The Mighty Turk does fill up a tree.

The Mighty Turk does fill up a tree.

A cyclo-cross bike is not the ideal machine for Palmer Park, but riding skinny tires and a rigid fork on rocky, sandy single-track has a way of focusing the mind on the task at hand, which is getting exercise without getting killed. Like road riding, only quieter and more scenic.

Speaking of which, a fellow slacker is bound for McDowell Mountain Regional Park tomorrow and a couple weeks of riding in that neck of the Arizona woods. He’s looking at 80-something and sunny, I’m looking at 40-something and breezy. I suspect he invested more wisely than I. I should’ve listened to what my mother told me all those years ago. “What’d she tell you?” you ask. Beats me — I wasn’t listening.

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  1. SteveO' Says:

    What Patrick isn’t tell y’all is that the picture above is the Mighty Turk atop a 250 foot sequoia. She’s big boned, that’s all. With a thyroid condition. That, and an accidental exposure to gamma rays.

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