Last Roundup in Sin City: A rendezvous of strangers

Everybody’s working for the weekend.

LAS VEGAS (MDM) — Every morning I get up a little later, and a little slower, and every morning the line at Starbucks gets a little longer, and a little grouchier.

I remember the women working this location just off the Luxor lobby. We’ve seen each other for three mornings in September for years, and I always tip massively, because nobody should have to deal with me for free first thing in the morning unless they’ve committed some outrageous sin, like saying, “I do.”

So I get my cuppa, with smiles and light banter for dessert. One asked if they’d see me tomorrow, and I said, no, I’ll be checking out, and she wished me a safe journey home.

I didn’t tell her that we’d never see each other again, because once I snap that pic of Sin City in my rear-view mirror, I will never come back to this place, not in this life. But I will remember these women working their 21st-century assembly line, building new mornings for strangers, one cup at a time.

Speaking of sunny smiles, I caught up with Larry over lunch at Rí Rá yesterday. He knows all things Italian, but had a few questions as regards the menu at this Gaelic beanery in the Shoppes at Mandalay.

“What do the Irish drink?” he enquired.

“Everything,” I replied. Hey, you gotta swing for the fences when they pitch ’em slow like that.

On Wednesday my Adventure Cyclist comrades Alex Strickland, Nick Legan, Rick Bruner and Your Humble Narrator passed a couple pleasant hours discussing the eternal verities and remembering Mike Deme over Mexican food at the El Dorado Cantina.

You may recall from our 2015 coverage that the El Dorado adjoins a “gentlemen’s club,” but as in ’15, we restricted our activities to the side of the joint where everyone was keeping their clothes on.

And the show, you ask? It’s the show. A little smaller, a little less vibrant, and surprisingly short on bikes without batteries. But we managed to find a few unenhanced models suitable for the adventurous cyclist, and we’ll discuss those in greater detail further on down the road.

Next: Leaving Las Vegas.

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8 Responses to “Last Roundup in Sin City: A rendezvous of strangers”

  1. Carl Duellman Says:

    well written. this post could almost be a short story.

  2. Pat O'Brien Says:

    “Swing for the fences…” I’m with Carl, well done Patrick.

  3. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    Ciao PO’G e tutti! I’m typing this in the Sin City airport while coughing up the Marlboro haze and rejoicing in the fact that I too will NEVER set foot in this gawdforsaken place again! Lunch was great though I still don’t know what Eye-rish people eat, but I can say it’s far from different from what Eye-talians eat.
    Catching up with you was a treat as was a break from the show floor for some simple shooting of the breeze as it were. My Italian friends were pretty positive about the show overall and I must admit the Italian Pavilion seemed plenty busy as did the few aisles I roamed outside of it to hobknob with our friends from Campagnolo and Silca. Safe travels back to NM…I’ll be touching down in Omaha, NE in the wee hours with another hour back to Sioux City in the car before I can wash off the ‘Vegas ‘stank and resume what passes for normal life.

  4. lisafw Says:

    You should try out one of them battery powered bicycles. Geezer Wade swears by his (for errands only of course).

  5. Herb Clevenger Says:

    I too will never set foot in Vegas after attending as many as 4 trade shows in one year there. Simply nothing but massive conspicuous consumption to behold and at increasing costs as well. Let’s all be careful and not snark too much about e-bikes. Lord anything that gets people out of the house and out from behind their SUVs wheel is a good thing. And if it keeps my local bike shop alive I’m more than happy to go along with the addition to the two wheel choices.

    • David Rees Says:


    • larryatcycleitalia Says:

      I’ve boiled my e-bike opinion down to this: E-bike instead of car? Wonderful. E-bike instead of bicycle? Not so good.
      When/if Yamaha (who showed bikes there) or one of the other big moto makers gets into this in a big way, the US bicycle industry’s e-bike dreams are toast.

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