The pilot for Videocy burst onto the virtual scene on Jan. 23, 2006. A one-word response to The Decider’s State of the Union address, it was a simple bit of video shot with and edited in a Canon PowerShot SD600 digital still camera.

Don't touch that dial!

Don't touch that dial!

I futzed around briefly with Super 8 movies and video in college, then became distracted by the written word as I wandered about from newspapers to magazines to websites over the next couple or three decades. What revived my interest in talking pictures? A couple video clips Herself shot of her mom’s new kitty using a Canon still camera that was even less of a technological marvel than mine. Monkey see, monkey do. From tiny acorns grow the mighty oaks. One more way to get under people’s ever-thinner hides, I thought. I fully expect an Emmy nomination in the category of Obscure Online Annoyances, should one ever be established.

As always, your thoughtful comments, sage advice, purposeless ravings and gibbering lunacy are welcome — send your bits and bytes to Videocy in care of maddogmedia (at) gmail (dot) com. And thanks for watching.

Technical notes: Videocy’s pilot and the first show were shot with a Canon PowerShot SD600 digital still camera and edited on an Apple G3 800MHz iBook (OS X 10.2.8) using iMovie 3.0.3. and Front End Convert Drop 1.1, which magically transformed the Canon’s .avi files into QuickTime flicks that iMovie could swallow without barfing. The first upgrade was a Canon ZR500 digital video camcorder; the next was a Flip Ultra Series camcorder, a nifty miniature toy that’s drawing rave reviews from propeller-heads far and wide. Editing now takes place on an Intel MacBook (OS X 10.4.10) using iMovie HD 6.0.3.


Episode 7: “Mia’s Chair”

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