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Spring cleaning?

March 20, 2012

Got an old bike cluttering up your shed, garage or basement? Bike Clinic Too can transform that unsightly beater into transportation for one of its needy clients.

I was just at Old Town Bike Shop, getting a new stem for an old bike of my own, and BCT’s Brian Gravestock told me that he’s low on rolling stock and in need of donations to keep the op’ humming along. For a quick rundown on the clinic’s mission, you can listen to a recent report by KRCC-FM’s “Western Skies.”

The clinic’s clientele prefers mountain bikes when they can get ’em, and of course functional bits such as cassettes and chain rings are always welcome. Locks, too, are eagerly received — it seems there’s been a rash of bike thefts lately, and every bike lifted means another bike is needed.

Old Town will accept donations for the clinic. So will Criterium Bicycles. And the clinic is always happy to accept money, as sometimes it has to buy parts to put a beater back in business. Tell ’em the Dog sent you.

Old bikes get a new home

November 12, 2010

Thanks to all of you who — without a single bit of prodding by me — contributed dollars or tools to Brian Gravestock’s Bike Clinic Too. Your example caused me to haul a couple of beat-up old bicycles, soon to be parts donors, down to Old Town today.

Well, OK, I needed some cyclo-cross tires too. And some knee warmers. So sue me. I did a good thing anyway. And so did you.