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No pregnant pause here

November 29, 2021

Green MP Julie Anne Genter cycles to hospital for the birth of her second child. | Photo liberated from Ms. Genter for the profit-free purpose of celebrating her awesomeness

Attention, cyclists: There is no longer an acceptable excuse for not riding today.

New Zealander Julie Anne Genter, pregnant with her second child, was having contractions and preparing to ride to the hospital in the front of a cargo bike pedaled by her partner, Peter Nunns.

But when they realized they would be carrying too much weight with two (OK, so, three) people and a hospital bag, Genter decided she’d do her own pedaling, thank you very much. The Green Party MP just “got out and rode,” according to the Kiwi outlet Stuff.

“Contractions were not super intense at that point, I probably had [three] on the ride in, and another in the car park,” she said. “So glad we didn’t walk!”

The kicker? Genter cycled to the hospital for her first birth, too, saying afterward that it put her in the “best possible mood.”

Cycling will do that. And you don’t even have to be pregnant. Go thou forth and do likewise.