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Letting off steam

June 21, 2017

Gonna be another hot one for us ‘Burqueños today.

The photo above is my arteeeeestical interpretation of Democratic heads exploding from coast to coast over the party’s failure to elect Jon Ossoff in Georgia.

C’mon. It’s fuckin’ Georgia. Chill out, yo. Think of things sweet and clear, like moonlight through the pines.


Have you seen Ray Charles’ new piano?*

November 22, 2014
Mister Boo recuperating with his old pal Stinky Piggy.

Mister Boo recuperating with his old pal Stinky Piggy.

Mister Boo is slowly getting his mojo back following eye surgery.

Yesterday he unearthed his old pal Stinky Piggy for a bit of gentle playtime, and the squeaky ball eventually got a light workout too.

He’s down to five medicines per diem now, four eyedrops and a gel, and doesn’t have another checkup until Dec. 3. The ophthalmologist says he’s coming along quite nicely, which is good news, as the little fella is already shy one headlight and doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life driving in the dark.

Happily, The Boo doesn’t do much news-reading with that one rebuilt eye. Hijo, madre. It’s enough to make a man pray for total sensory deprivation.

*Neither has he. That was cruel, but he’ll never know. (Don’t blame me, that headline and the subsequent punchline are lifted straight from an old National Lampoon letter to the editor, signed “Stevie Wonder.”)