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Think Rebecca, act locally

April 16, 2019

Mary’s Place in Seattle accepts donations online. Your local shelter probably could use a hand, too.

I brought this up in comments on the previous post about Rebecca Twigg being homeless in Seattle, then thought I should drag it out front for anyone who isn’t rooting around that deeply in the digital weeds.

I dropped Charles Pelkey a note about Scott Greenstone’s story, and he spoke with Inga Thompson, and we’re all at something of a loss here.

Charles and Inga discussed a GoFundMe site that would support the shelter Rebecca’s associated with — Mary’s Place in Seattle, which will take donations online — and that may be one way forward, since Rebecca is unwilling to make a special case of herself, arguing that she is only one of many, many homeless people in the Land of the Free.

The only other thing I can think of that might have some value is to make donations to and/or do volunteer work for the homeless shelter(s) wherever you live, and do it in Rebecca’s name.

Then drop a note to Scott (, who is running Project Homeless for the Seattle Times, and he can spread the word that concerned people are taking action on Rebecca’s behalf.

Let me know if you’re doing anything and I’ll make mention of it. Here in the Duke City El Rancho Pendejo supports the Barrett Foundation Inc.

Rebecca Twigg is homeless in Seattle

April 15, 2019

No, seriously. She is.