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Spider, man

October 1, 2018

While riding through the north ’burbs toward the Tramway yesterday I saw a tarantula on the prowl, looking to do the nasty.

I considered stopping to snap a pic, but since he wasn’t a truculent tosspot flashing prep-school gang signs en route to a seat on the Supreme Court, it seemed unnecessary to subject him to the harsh glare of the media spotlight.

Hey, baby … live around here?

October 18, 2017

A little color off the front patio this morning.

Don’t just look up there — look down, too.

You might just see a migrating tarantula.

Well, he’s probably not a migrant. He’s on a paseo, looking for love.

News to me, as they say. I exchanged greetings with another cyclist yesterday and she said she’d seen a tarantula, and so had another trail user, so being of a curious nature I went home and asked Kindly Old Doc Google “WTF?”

Now I have one more thing to watch out for when I’m shredding the gnar. As if sharp rocks, cacti and buzzworms aren’t enough.