Fall finally rears its old gray head

Well, dammit, it can’t be Indian summer forever, I guess. Never got much above the upper 30s today, with a light rain tamping down the dust under a sky as gray as a Repuglican’s face on Election Day 2008.

I hung around indoors, taking care of a few electronic chores, then finally said to hell with it around 3 p.m. and went out for a short run into a cold wind out of the north. This reminded me that Herself had pulled our old-school storm doors out of their basement hideaway and I had not yet put them up, nor had I removed our rattly $99 Sears air conditioner from the north-facing bedroom window and replaced it with the storm window.

The storm doors are a breeze — five minutes with a flathead screwdriver is all it takes to replace screens with glass. The air conditioner was another thing altogether. I couldn’t remember how I installed the damn’ thing (badly), so uninstalling it was an exercise in feline entertainment as the sun began to set. As the cats watched with great interest (“What the hell is he doing now?“) I managed to drop the air conditioner straight out of the window and onto the back deck, bam, cutting the shit out of my right wrist as I tried, unsuccessfully, to save the worthless piece of crap from the death it so richly deserved for waking me up night after night during summertime with its burbling, farting and keening.

I will never be smart. But at least I’ll be warm.

Editor’s note: Don’t forget the old site. It’s still numero uno around here until I decide whether this is the Wave of the Future or merely a ripple on the stagnant pond of my mind. You wrote today’s post, about how to deal with the wolf at the door during the Great Recession.

2 Responses to “Fall finally rears its old gray head”

  1. Charley Auer Says:

    Speaking of cold, I’m heading to McDowell Park tomorrow for about 2 weeks of riding in the wintry weather here. Sorry.
    Good comments on saving money! we are all looking at broke!!

  2. ewinslow Says:

    I think WordPress is a good way to go. I’ve been wishing you’ve had RSS or Atom for a few years now.

    I do find the font used for the posts to be a bit tough on the eyeballs, though. It is tighter than on the main site.

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