It must be spring . . .

The light at the end of the tunnel.

The light at the end of the tunnel.

. . . the basement has turned green. Six weeks after the shit monsoon, we finally have our basement back. Well, kinda, sorta. We’re still missing the door to the loo — a special-order item, and Pan only knows when that will arrive — and none of Herself’s gear has been moved back downstairs yet. But at least two people can pee simultaneously around here without one of them being outdoors or employing a sink.

That final week was a hectic mother. Herself was mostly out of town, I had work to do for and Bicycle Retailer, and all of a sudden the big push was on, with construction types trooping in and out at all hours with glues and solvents, pads and carpets, tile and vinyl. Plus I had a house guest due in, an old college roomie and fellow ink-stained wretch, and I didn’t want him to be sleeping on the coffee table and peeing out a living-room window, although we both have done this in the past. Never went over big with the neighbors.

The plumber finally paid a call the morning of the day my buddy was due to arrive. Seating the toilet was no problem, but the pedestal sink took a bit of doing; we had decided to go with tile in the crapper instead of the original vinyl, and the additional height of the floor means the sink now has a slight tilt toward the wall. I’ve spent many an enjoyable evening tilted toward one wall or another, and occasionally a floor or ceiling, so I don’t have a problem with an off-kilter sink.

Especially if I don’t have to pee in it.

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  1. Khal Spencer Says:

    Make sure the tile is completely flat under the crapper. We are about to have to shim ours because when the new tile was put in, its not quite flat. The damn crapper rocks back and forth so much that I’m thinking of fitting out the bathroom to look like a USN head.

    Anchors aweigh, mateys.

  2. Jeff in PetroMetro Says:

    I’ve just opened a St. Arnold’s Spring Bock ( in honor of your new basement. Cheers! Here’s to proper indoor plumbing!

    Dateline PetroMetro–It’s about 80 degrees, partly cloudy. I haven’t been on a bike since January (school, work, family). But I just got back from the most badass public skatepark where my six-year-old daughter and her best friend spent the morning skateboarding. It was Girl’s Only from 8am-12pm. My kid’s a natural for a longboard. No tricks. Just smooth sailing. Has that slumped shoulder slouch and thousand yard stare every self respecting longboarder possesses. Just needs a Big Gulp of Mountain Dew.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Swell Says:

    Looks pretty good, Patrick. Like the tile choice too. Recessed lighting gives me some ideas. Glad you’re thru the shitstorm!

  4. SteveO Says:

    As soon as someone says “it must be spring,” you just know you’re going to get some more snow!

  5. Jon Paulos Says:

    Indoor plumbing is one of the great inventions of man. I’m with Khal. Get it right the first time. 2 years from now that tilt will just be eating at you with regret, so don’t let it happen. Tile’s a good choice though. Worth the effort.

    Did a mountain bike ride yesterday with my kids and their friends. 55 degrees and partly sunny in York PA. I’ve thought of my 16yo son as pretty fit, but my 13yo daughter is the one who surprised. A thrashed old fully-rigid and platform pedals, and she rode everything I rode, faster than me. And no I’m not in that bad a shape. She’s not my little princess anymore, she’s my Big Strong Girl.

  6. swell Says:

    Of course, Man’s greatest invention is Saran Wrap. You can pick it up, you can look thru it to see things that need to be kept fresh, then you keep it fresh, if you can see it, it keeps fresh.

    On another vein..lots of people are on Patrick’s site that ride. Even fat old bastards from Wisconsin like me. I and the wife drive to places to spend money on our Fall ‘Vacation”. Suppose we want to go east and ride the Huron lake area? The available info is like my tourist town..spotty, impersonal & not helpful. I know I’m stretching this board a bit, but everybody that posts here is real. Patrick, you have collected quality people here. I am not sure what I’m suggesting, but I would pay for an alternative to “Crazy Guy On A Bike”, which I love. Yep. I Would Actually Give You Money. ‘Dere, I said it. If you ever have time to collect the larder, sign me up.

    And, on topic, love yer pooper!

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