October surprises

Fall in Palmer Park.

Fall in Palmer Park.

It got good and chilly here last night — when I arose, it was exactly freezing outside. Now it’s 50-something, like me, and like me it took a long time to get there.

Last night I made another Martha Rose Shulman recipe, pasta with walnut sauce and broccoli raab, except I used broccoli florets. I had planned to do her stir-fried pork and greens, but Herself intervened on behalf of broccoli, and while I was surprised at her choice we were both pleased with the results. Plus there were enough leftovers for today’s lunch.

Tonight it’s back to caveman chow — a grilled flatiron steak from Ranch Foods Direct, some spuds and a vegetable to be determined by Herself, who is on a rare grocery-shopping excursion as part of a series of errands. I generally fetch the grub, since I do all the cooking around the DogHaus, but lacking any sort of work ethic I’m easily persuaded to sit on my ass and let someone else do the heavy lifting.

Outside the kitchen, meanwhile, Repuglican asshats and their enablers in the MSM are spastically jacking off over Barack Adolf Hitler Saddam Hussein Pol Pot “Uncle Joe” Stalin Mao Zedong Obama’s failure to bring the 2016 Olympics to Chicago and Steve Benen at Political Animal is predictably snarky.

I don’t know what all the fuss is about, frankly — Colorado voters told the International Olympic Committee to go fuck itself back in 1972, when a Denver group wanted to bring the Winter Olympics here, and we’re still on the map, albeit for all of the wrong reasons (Focus on the Family, Doug Bruce, Doug Lamborn — the list goes on and on). But at least we didn’t piss away 13 times the original estimate to host that frozen clusterfuck, the way California did in 1960.

Why, the Winter Games don’t even include cyclo-cross. That right there’s a deal-breaker as far as I’m concerned.

3 Responses to “October surprises”

  1. Sharon Says:

    We are coming to Denver next week. Will there still be any trees with yellow and/or orange colors? I’m going to be really disappointed if we miss the beautiful leaves. I’ve seen them many times in New England, but never in Colorado.

  2. Charley Auer Says:

    You whiner, I was in Wells NV Wednesday nite and got snowed on awoke up to 24 Degrees. Went to Ely NV Thursday and got snowed on and awoke to 20 degrees. Now I’m in Vegas and whining it’s too warm. I’m not complaining, am I.

  3. Jeff in PetroMetro Says:


    Your culinary efforts are killing me with envy.

    As for the Olympics, I enjoy watching the Games when they’re on someone else’s turf. I remember some of the images from the Nagano Winter Olympics. Just beautiful.

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