Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon?

This is the kind of story every newsdog lives for. It has it all: tyke gone missing in spectacular fashion; oddball family; a cast of thousands, first-responder-wise; a handy TV copter; and a happy ending. Well, for everyone save the kid, who probably has an ass-whuppin’ coming. You just can’t make this shit up.

Of course, Flush Limburger and his cronies will find some way to blame Obama for this. But for a couple hours there, while the nation thought a 6-year-old kid was zipping along at 8,000 feet in a homemade “flying saucer,” nobody was paying any attention to them.

Some commenters are already wondering whether the flight of “Millennium” Falcon Heene was a publicity stunt. If so, it worked like a charm. All of us will soon know a good more than we care to about this lot.

Meanwhile, some really good news: While Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden was busy dealing with The Case of the Missing Child, he was not harassing law-abiding cyclists in his jurisdiction. So we’ve got that going for us.

2 Responses to “Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon?”

  1. Larry T. Says:

    The kid’s dad should get a nice fat invoice from everyone involved in chasing this balloon around, from the local cops to the feral gummint’ This bozo already had his 15 minutes of infamy on some reality TV show according to the reports. But as you wrote, if cable news wasn’t covering this they’d be showing health insurance execs trying to scare people out of supporting healtcare reform and Rush Windbag would be bashing Obama or trying to set up a KKK NFL team.

  2. khal spencer Says:

    Apparently the Flush Windbag effort to co-own an NFL team fell apart. I guess the idea of having a team called the St. Louis Night Riders didn’t take hold.

    Sounds like you cyclists in CO need a good legal team to obtain an injunction against some of these make-their-own-rules types. Its tough enough to stay outa the way of texting weenies and drunk drivers in SUVs without having to deal with legal harassment. Speaking of legal help, when is CP gonna put out his shingle?

    Good luck.

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