Dumb da dumb dumb

Sharron Angle (R-Religious Mania) is on record as having made any number of deranged comments in her bid to replace Harry Reid in the U.S. Senate.

One of my personal faves is that Demoncrats were turning Big Gummint into God:

“And these programs that you mentioned — that Obama has going with Reid and Pelosi pushing them forward — are all entitlement programs built to make government our God. And that’s really what’s happening in this country is a violation of the First Commandment. We have become a country entrenched in idolatry, and that idolatry is the dependency upon our government. We’re supposed to depend upon God for our protection and our provision and for our daily bread, not for our government.”

Today, in an interview with ABC’s Jonathan Karl, she denied ever saying that and explained that even if she had, it was because she was tailoring her message to suit her audience:

“Actually, that was a discussion I was having with CBN. We were talking in very Christian terms. That’s what Christian broadcast is — that’s their focus — so you speak the language of the folks that you’re communicating with.”

Well, shit, yeah. Fuckin’ A, goddamnit. I’ve always thought the commandment forbidding the bearing of false witness had a little wiggle room in it. And who doesn’t engage in a little message control from time to time? That’s why I hardly ever use the word “motherfucker” around actual Christians. Or call a retard “retard” to her face.

But I’d be delighted to make an exception in Angle’s case. Thanks to Steve Benen at Washington Monthly for the tip.


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  1. khal spencer Says:

    You could always use “behan chod” and leave them wondering. (Its a Hindi expression used in Northern India and some parts of Pakistan, translated as “sister-fucker”).

    I thought of making up fake bumper stickers saying “Behan Chode for Governor” but my Punjabi wife forbade it.

  2. Larry T. Says:

    I was discussing this with the smart half of our marriage this morning. Too many of these so-called Christians confuse the idea of tolerance with encouragement. Like the screwball down in FLA who’s going to torch the pile of Muslim holy books (if there’s any justice in the world the blaze will spread, roasting him and burning down his silly church)who claims Islam is an evil religion. Tolerating another religion, lifestyle or gender identity is NOT the same as encouraging or promoting it! I doubt that Jesus fellow they all claim to follow the teachings of would be too happy to see what some of his so-called followers are up to down here on earth. They seem to have no problem trying to run our country according to some (but not all of course, you don’t see them demonstrating against mixed-fiber clothes in front of Old Navy stores!) rules in THEIR holy book, but then spend lots of time ranting about some other screwballs trying to do the same thing on the other side of the world with a different book.

  3. gmknobl Says:

    I’m a Christian and the thing I’m most tired of is people who claim to be Christians acting so unChrist-like. Geesh! When will these self-aggrandizing, glory seeking, rich because they rip everyone else off non-thinkers ever get tagged by the media as NOT acting like Christians?

    Oh, wait. The other unChrist-like “Christians” are running the media these days. Everyone knows that favorite Ghandi saying about Christians: “I like your Christ. But I do not like your Christians.” (or words to that affect)

    Don’t you love how she admits to lying and no one in the media reports it but a few liberal blogs?

    So, please, don’t confuse Christians with those in the media that claim to be Christians. Real ones are tolerant, forgiving, open-minded, kind and actually willing and able to understand that (get this) there may be “one way” but there are many paths. Get it? Christ would not say so-and-so is going to hell because he’s Buddhist or Muslim or Jewish or Atheist. If you think Christ did say this, you don’t understand the message.

    Ms. Angle and her ilk don’t begin to comprehend the message.

  4. Ben S. Says:


    I’ll get a chance tonight to test your hypothesis on tolerance as the folks from Westboro Baptist will be at the end of my block to reminds my neighbors at the Jewish Reconstruction Congregation about how we are all going to a place we don’t believe exists.

    My bet is we’ll just exchange a few words and go on about our business of celebrating the beginning of a new year. Then Saturday it’s off to the book store to get a new Q’uran

    L’shana Tova

  5. khal spencer Says:

    Gandhi had it right. That goes for the followers of most great thinkers. And, the followers of most not so great thinkers, i.e., the Dittoheads et al.

    So Ben, I take it the Westboro nutcases are still out there looking foolish?

  6. Patrick O'Grady Says:

    Jeez, those Westboro boneheads do get around, don’t they? Lotta small hat sizes in that outfit.

    And buying a new Q’uran is a good idea. I think I’ll do that my own bad self. I don’t think Buddha would object.

    Speaking of which, you notice how the guys from the local zendo never knock on your door around dinnertime and ask if you have a personal relationship with Shakyamuni Buddha? If they did, I might have learned about Robert Aitken’s passing before this moment. For more on Aitken Roshi, see the Honolulu Diamond Sangha website. K, you have have had occasion to run into him (or at least hear of him) in your island days.

    This is not meant as a slur against those Christians who are actually doing their Lord’s work, by the way — feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, soothing the aged and infirm. I know a few of this sort, and they mostly let their faith shine through works.

  7. Larry T. Says:

    A great idea! If everyone who opposes these ass-hats in FLA setting fire to a copy of the Muslim holy book went out and bought one, sales would go way up and the printing presses would end up producing more books than these morons could EVER set fire to! Network TV news says the fire department down there in FLA will not let the guy set fire to ANY books due to local laws prohibiting such things. When I speak or write about these morons it’s always as “so-called Christians” as they seem to follow almost none of the teachings of the man they claim to worship so devoutly.

  8. khal spencer Says:

    I knew of the Palolo Center (the back of Palolo Valley was a nice bike ride on the way home from the University) but never knew much about it or about Mr. Aitken. I’ll pass that along to Meena and her sister Neena. Neena worked as an archivist at the Bishop Museum for some years and may have known about him.

    I actually feel for the Christians out there who are doing the good work. Its tough being tarred with the broad brush provided by lunatics like the dingdongs from Gainsville or Westboro, but they do get more press than someone keeping a food bank alive.

    I spent some time in the Catholic Church back in Stony Brook and in Hawaii, in part because the Stony Brook Newman Center was pretty intellectually lively, and the Newman Center at the U of H was staffed by a bunch of Jesuits recently back from practicing Liberation Theology in Central and South America. But when the Catholic Church went to the right, I went right out the door.

  9. art Says:

    No Sharron, you speak the language of the folks with whom you’re communicating. This is America, and we speak English here.

  10. Steve O Says:

    Want to piss off holier-than-thou Christians? Start a “thou shalt not bear false witness” campaign. They won’t know what to do. Can’t argue against you, because it’s one of the ten (or twelve, depending on how you’re counting) commandments, but actually following it would make their heads explode. Can you imagine, having to take back all of the “obama’s a muslim” emails?

    The numbnuts from Dove Outreach was just on the telly. Was asked what portion of the Qu’ran offended him, and he was stumped. When pressed, he said, well, the part about not acknowledging Jesus as the Son of God. Seriously? So, then, you’re going to burn the Torah next? And then our Constitution? Nothing more than a publicity stunt, and he didn’t bother to put forth a modicum of research before going forward. What’s with these cheapskates? You could pay a couple of grad students a few pizzas and a bong hit to come up with a top ten list, if you’re too fucking lazy to do the work yourself. Dumb, lazy, and cheap: not a good way to go through life if your aim is to influence others. (It works for me, but I’m not trying to change anyone else’s mind or get morons to join my “church.”)

  11. bromasi Says:

    damn we need george carlin now

  12. Larry T. Says:

    It’s amazing how few of these so-called Christians have ever actually read their holy book. Too often their source of biblical “knowledge is the lazy pastor like this Florida moron, ranting from the pulpit on sunday. The wife’s friends in the religious studies department just shake their heads when they hear these “experts” quoting the bible as the justification for some insanity — knowing full well the book says nothing of the sort.

  13. khal spencer Says:

    Here is a very good essay on public insanity.

    OPINION | September 09, 2010
    Op-Ed Columnist: The 5 Percent Doctrine
    As Sept. 11 approaches, the displays of intolerance just keep getting more and more outrageous…


    Changing the subject to sanity, and in reply to Patrick regarding Robert Aitkens. Here is an email from my friend Ramdas Lamb, Assoc. Prof. of Religion at the Univ. of Hawaii:

    “Aitkens was a major force in the Buddhist community here in Hawaii, both for practitioners as well as for intellectuals. He spoke in our department on various occasions and also donated a significant collection of books to our department’s library. In addition, Helen, our current chair, just completed an edited volume of letters he wrote to followers seeking guidance. The tentative title is “Love, Roshi.””

  14. Steve O Says:

    Anyone remember the Georgia congressman who tried to pass a bill mandating the display of the Ten Commandments?


  15. Steve O Says:

    in case that link doesn’t work:

  16. Steve O Says:

    Re: 5% Doctrine

    “Unfortunately, Barbour followed up his bow to tolerance by suggesting that the public’s confusion over Barack Obama’s religion is because of the fact that “this is a president that we know less about than any other president in history.”

    I’m guessing when it comes to congresscritters, it’s more 95%.

    Wonder if Barbour can answer these questions about our most recent Prez?

    Who was in the car with W when he got his ’76 DUI?

    How did Laura Bush kill her ex-boyfriend?

    What “sport” did W play at Yale?

    What university turned down W for admission in their law school immediately after he graduated from Yale?

    Yeah, Obama is the enigma … but we know so much about everyone else …

  17. Bill B. Says:

    I know I’m a few days late on this, but i think slowly. I like imagining unusable bumper stickers (unusable while employed anyways). The new one is “Batshit Religious, and I Vote!”.

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