Good News Department redux

I almost forgot to pass along the word that John Crandall’s Old Town Bike Shop has once again been named the top local bike shop in the Colorado Springs Independent‘s Best of 2010 issue.

And Colorado Running Company recently scored a featurette in the Gazette noting (albeit belatedly) its 10th anniversary plus the opening of a second location up north in the Industrial Christianity Zone. CoRunCo is managed by longtime Dog John “Usuk” O’Neill, who is another portly Irish-American tosspot cluttering up the local sporting scene with his opinions on this, that and the other.

A lift of the Mad Dog pint to the both of yis.

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3 Responses to “Good News Department redux”

  1. Jeff in PetroMetro Says:

    O’Neill–Cheers to your ten years! I think O’Grady must be full of shit about your portly profile. I’ve never met a runner with a beer gut. Now, a beer obsession, that’s different. I hope you see an increase from tri-geeks. From what I’ve heard from my brother-in-law in Albuquerque and what I’ve seen in Houston, the three-sports-for-the-price-of-10 ($200 entry fees!) is coming back strong.

    As for your nickname, Usuk, that’s my favorite, along with Captain Slow (James May of Top Gear).

    Chapeau! I’ll have the last of my Sierra Nevada Pale Ales today and toast you to another 10 years of success.

  2. Patrick O'Grady Says:

    Usuk is O’Neill’s Hebrew name, of course, awarded to the recovering Texican by the redoubtable Dr. Mickey Schenkenstein, if I recall correctly.

    It’s also the preferred form of greeting between members of Team Mad Dog Media-Dogs at Large Velo. Instead of saying hi, howzitgoin’ or whassup, we say, “You suck.” It’s not so much a judgment as an acknowledgment of a shared state of being.

  3. John Says:

    This reminds me of BikeSnobNYC’s brilliant suggestion for a power-meter design:

    ‘Clearly then, I will make a fortune when I introduce my own power meter at next year’s Interbike, since it will be the cheapest and most accurate one ever. Yes, for $5 you’ll get an LCD display which constantly flashes the message, “You suck.”‘

    It’s from his September 28, 2009 post.

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