Gloom and doom

Rainy May day

Sure am glad I watered the lawn yesterday.

This is May? What, did the GOP manage to privatize the weather, hand it off to Halliburton or Goldman Sachs? It rained last night, the wind is flat barreling out of the northwest at 24 mph and there is the usual chance of snow “with little to no accumulation,” which means, “Just enough to kill anyone who thinks 4WD helps you stop.”

It’s just as well, I suppose. I had work to do this morning, and were it not so dismal outside I might have said piss on it and gone for a ride instead.

Speaking of rude awakenings, it seems the mainstream media have finally sniffed the java where Punkinhead Boehner is concerned. Bloomberg News reports that the House speaker’s economic “theories” depend upon “several assertions that are contraindicated by market indicators and government reports.” The Washington Post‘s Ruth Marcus cuts to the chase and calls him a lying sack of runny orange shit.

Careful, now, Ruthie ol’ scout. You’re liable to set off Weepy John’s sprinkler system bringing that kind of heat. Thanks to Steve Benen at Political Animal for the tip.

7 Responses to “Gloom and doom”

  1. BenS Says:

    82 and sunny with a light breeze out of the SE.

    Feels like a serious environmental allergy attack is about to start so it’s time to head home before the productivity of my coworkers suffers from all the hacking etc. Good thing I biked to work!

    The press just needs to keep calling the GOP on it’s delusional economic analysis. It’s in their interest. If we’re all broke no ones going to be buying newspapers.

  2. John Says:

    I’ve especially enjoyed how the party of rich and while, namely the Repugs, define ending a tax break as a “tax increase”. I refer, of course, to the challenge being put forward by some Democrats (who have discovered that they may actually belong to phylum chordata after all) who suggest ending huge tax breaks for big oil as a good first step toward a balanced budget. Meanwhile, the Repugs just want to save money by making it more difficult for Grandpa to get his heart medication

    You gotta feel a little sorry for the Repugs here. It’s pretty hard to defend big oil these days and keep a straight face, but defend big oil they must if they want to keep the big checks arriving at their door.

    I do believe the Dems may actually have Congressional Republicans cornered on this one. It’ll be interesting to see how the Democrats manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  3. khal spencer Says:

    Some oilpatch Dems are also reluctant to offend their meal tickets. That repeal of the oil company tax break will probably go nowhere.

    Meanwhile, it was sixties and fifties here yesterday in the Land of Entrapment. Temperature and wind gusts.

  4. Larry T. Says:

    Remember “Voodoo Economics”? The guy who practiced it and the guy who pointed out the folly of it BOTH were U.S. Presidents as I recall. The Repuglicans will defend ANYTHING with a straight face as long as someone’s paying them. They’re masters of capitalism — money truly talks for and with them. And when they screw up capitalism, they’ll quickly (but temporarily) switch to socialism until their losses are recovered – then it’s back to “I got mine so screw you!” capitalism. Nothing new here folks, pointing out supply-side economics doesn’t, never has (and probably never will) work just confuses their supporters with facts and makes them mad. You all know what my wife says about this.
    Less than a week ’till we’re in Italy catching the Giro fever…and seeing what troubles ol’ Silvio is in these days… speaking of a__-hats.

    • khal spencer Says:

      Giro fever might have to be tempered with a little Giro Demo Derby. Just checked VN and see that newbie Tom Slagter of Rabobank went down hard after overlapping wheels. But at least he got up again.

      I crashed hard overlapping wheels at 33 mph (still remember my mistake–looking down at my speedometer just as I caught a rider who had taken a flyer off the front) in my second year of USCF follies. Fortunately, those old Bell V1-Pro hardshell helmets could take a fair amount of abuse. But I still have the collarbone souvenir from that wreck.

  5. Larry T. Says:

    This guy managed to eat it on a perfectly straight PAVED section of road and as you might guess, one that yours truly has ridden his bike on. The road running along the TAV (treno alto velocita) was often the connection of outbound and return routes on a loop from our apartment in Viterbo last year. I felt for the boyz on the final climb up to Orvieto, it’s far from the easiest way to get up there and one we used many times on our tours. A lot of today’s stage was a nice memory as most of those roads we’ve used during various Tuscany and Umbria tours over the years. I was waiting for the TV shot of the gelateria near the Duomo and folks enjoying what is some of the best gelato in the entire country! Tomorrow’s stage goes through Soriano al Cimino, a tiny hilltop village we’d ride through on many of our loops from Viterbo last year. One of our American friends living there emailed to say the Corsa Rosa will pass under their apartment’s balcony — this will be the first time they’ve seen the race. Less than four days to go……..

  6. khal spencer Says:

    Lucky to be you, Larry…

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