Thorazine is on my Xmas list

Miss Mia Sopaipilla views with alarm

"You said a bad word," says Mia. "And another. And another. And another. ..."

What’s been going on around here, you ask?

Well, let me think here for a minute. Hmm. …

We had the big Thanksgiving Day U-turn from Bibleburg to Fort Collins and back on Thursday; a full day of VeloNewsery plus dinner with our across-the-street neighbors Larry, Jill and Wendy on Friday; lunch with (and saying adios to) our wonderful next-door neighbor Judy on Saturday, with an extra-large side of work; and work work work on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, culminating in yet another dinner with friends tonight, a northern New Mexican project to which I tended between bouts of pixel-pushing for the Boulder boyos.

Whew. Long week for an old dog. And it ain’t over yet.

As you might imagine, something’s had to give around here, and that something is exercise. My ass is approaching critical mass, and I ain’t talking about the traffic-snarling bicycle parade, either.

I did sneak out for a 20-minute “run” this afternoon before putting the beans on the stove. Folks probably thought they were seeing a particularly ugly, sluggish zombie on the prowl.

And I probably managed to sweat off a couple of grams running around the kitchen, chopping, mincing, slicing, sautéing and stirring bits of this and that until in desperation, running out of time, I finally dialed down the menu from cheese enchiladas in green sauce with one side of beans in chipotle and another of red chile roasted potatoes to a bare-bones platter — bean burritos smothered in green with a side of the aforementioned spuds.

The bad news is, I probably put those lost grams right back on by going back for seconds. Plus pie. Did I mention pie? Oh, Lord.

Meanwhile, we will return to our regularly scheduled snark come Thursday, when I have a day off — and the weatherman is calling for wind-driven snow and a high in the 20s. I foresee much grumbling and the first stationary-trainer ride of the season, not necessarily in that order.

11 Responses to “Thorazine is on my Xmas list”

  1. Khal Spencer Says:

    Starting thursday the weather is definitely supposed to suck here too. It will be stationary bike or running shoes. Ugh….

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      K, I kind of enjoy running again after a long layoff, but the stationary bike? Barf. I need to get out for a long real-world ride tomorrow.

      Alas, Rumor Control hints that the Court of Arbitration for Sport might hurl a pail of Jan Ullrich straight into the VeloFan. Ain’t no escaping the spray from that one.

  2. Kaitlin Says:

    Br, I don’t envy you your snow, but your food sounds delicious!

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Kaitlin, the dinner turned out OK. You never know with green chile until you stuff a forkful in your face.

      This edition was a 50-50 blend of mild Anaheim and medium New Mexico that I bought from a local outfit. I decided against adding any Western Slope Big Jims, which proved a rare moment of wisdom on my part. The green chile sauce had both flavor and heat, but it wasn’t like getting a snootful from the UC-Davis Pepper Spray Cop.

      The spuds had a 50-50 mix of mild and medium red chile from the Santa Fe School of Cooking, and actually could’ve (and should’ve) been pumped up a bit with some Chimayo red that I had on hand, but the upshot was edible, even if I botched the timing a bit.

      Alas, I was out of chipotle en adobo sauce — an important addition to the beans — but at least I had dried chipotle to keep things hoppin’.

  3. James Says:

    Burn it to earn it fellow OGWGFIW.

  4. grumbly old guy Says:

    The food sounds great. I spent the last 2 months helping my sister through the dying process in southern Florida. While at hospice we decided the world really needs a Lorazepam lick the way cattle and horses need a salt lick. It might improve the ability of Texas and Florida voters.

  5. john Says:

    Patrick, I don’t know if cross-country skate skiing is a possibility in your neck of the woods, but if you haven’t tried it I think you’d like it — provided you give it about a month. I took it up at an advanced age (late 50s) a few years ago. At first I sucked real, real bad, and it was very, very hard, but now I suck less bad and it’s lots of fun (but still hard). I actually like it at least as much as cycling, which I had thought was impossible. And I’m no longer an OGWGFIW — I can drink all the Spare Tire Ale I want!

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      John, K, I’ve done both classical and skate skiing, and enjoy ’em both. I also got a late start — and since I never learned downhill, I had a really steep learning curve, even though I was using Fischer Revolution shorty skis, which were intended to break noobs in gently. I really suck at both skate and classical, especially when the track tilts downward.

      When we lived in Weirdcliffe we occasionally went XC skiing at Fairplay or Ophir Creek with our friends Hal and Mary, who are accomplished skinny-skiers and make it look easy. It’s great exercise and a helluva lot of fun, even if done badly, but down here in Bibleburg we just haven’t gotten the kind of snow required.

      A few years ago we were able to ski the streets and a local park for a couple days, but a La Niña weather pattern like the one we’re in now makes for dry, cold, windy winters.

      Thus the running. We geezers need a little load-bearing activity, and that’s mine. Plus you never know when you might have to run from the cops or an angry reader.

      • john Says:

        Oh, I’m definitely doing it badly. And I live in an area where there are a lot of really superb skiers so it helps that I have retained little or no dignity.

        Even as dignity-challenged as I am, I’m thankful that my neck and back haven’t forced me onto a recumbent. Heaven forfend.

        As for running, whenever an orthopedist looks at my bow legs and wild pronation, they go all ashen-faced and tell me not even to think about it. Oh well.

  6. Khal Spencer Says:

    Skate skiiing is extremely popular around here, especially with the bike racer crowd. Its supposed to be excellent cross training. The cost of skate skis is not trivial, but still cheaper than a good bicycle.

    I’ve tried skate skiing on my normal XC skis, and it is so funny that real skate skiiers cannot watch me without risking dying of laughter. One of our good skiiers saw two of my push-offs without looking away and had to be rescued using the Ski Patrol emergency snowmobile. Its lethal to watch at over fifty yards.

  7. Charley Says:

    Is there another name for big jims! Don’t forget all of the calories involved in smelling the food while cooking. Cerveza or Tequila will help reduce the calories of cooking I think…

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