How many miles per gallon, d’ye think?


All it needs is a hammock.

I think I’ve found the perfect RV for my summertime travels. Fill the front with beer and the back with me and just take off. Got an umbrella and everything.

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20 Responses to “How many miles per gallon, d’ye think?”

  1. Flahute Says:

    Does it have mobile wi-fi?

  2. Patrick O'Grady Says:

    Shoot, I knew I forgot something. I’ll need to add a satellite dish.

  3. Libby Says:

    Surely it has room to carry a supply of your own chiles, salsa and possoles to fortify fixin’s along the way.

  4. Andy Bohlmann Says:

    Mexican cargo bikes are about $700 and only come in yellow.

    Tacos (soft) and Teguila for everyone!

  5. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    How much to they get for a gallon of dead dinosaur juice there these days? I read bits where they say Obama is vulnerable because of high gasoline prices. Here in Italy it’s more than $10 a gallon, a record price for them. If I had a bike shop in either place there would be a giant sign in the window with “$0 per gallon” or “Burn carbohydrates, not hydrocarbons” on it. Here in Siracusa there are plenty of folks riding sporty bikes for fun, but despite the congestion and expensive fuel, not many ride around the city instead of sitting in traffic jams in automobiles. With the wonderful year-round weather here I don’t quite understand this – but I suspect it may have something to do with poverty, as in if you have enough money to buy a car and some gas, you DRIVE it, walking or cycling is for those poor people, just like in the US of A. A small bit of proof is none of the local panhandlers EVER ask me for any change when I ride up to a place on my rusty shopping bike, but they’ll hit up those who drive there every time!

    • khalspencer Says:

      Regular is about four bucks here in Durango and vicinity this weekend. A little less than four bills here in Durango, a bit more in Siverton. Still a whole lot cheaper than Italy, but its a long drive from BombTown to Durango and even our Impreza probably gets lousy gas mileage compared to what is driven in Europe.

      On the happy side, Joey’s newly acquired bike shop, Veloroution, looks great. We stopped by to say hello today on our walk over to Carver’s brewpub and I bought a celebratory shop t-shirt. Stop by and say hello to Joey if you are in this neck of the woods.

      On the sad side, the Iron Horse is sold out. I was tempted to ride it this year but they already closed the Citizen’s tour category. I guess I can sit home and get fat and will have to be happy with our northern new mexico hills. But I gotta tell yah, Coalbank and Molas Passes look tough for this Fat Guy.

      • md anderson Says:

        Eh. There’s plenty of good hills in No NM. I have always given Iron Horse a pass just cause the weather stinks 80% of the time. Molas, Coalbank? Been there and done that. Went on to Red Mtn and fought a thunder storm all the way over that left a mudslide across the road on the downhill side. Was I ever thankful for the hot springs on Ouray.

        Been here in AZ for a week. Freaking SNOW on our first day riding out of Tucson over to Sonoita and beyond. Then snow flurries in Sierra Vista. It was warmer in Chicago this week than so AZ. But temperatures normalized by the time we got back to Tuscon yesterday.

        Khal, just let me know whenever you’re ready for a ride up toward Truchas. Should be getting pretty nice up that way.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        K, glad to hear that Joey’s shop is looking good, and that you are spending your hard-earned feddle-gummint money propping up the Colorado tourist industry.

        But I’m with MD. I’ve taken my last beating from the Iron Hose. It’s a Colorado classic, to be sure, but I’d rather ride in New Mexico any old day.

        MD, sorry to hear you got caught up in The Old Pueblo’s unseasonable weather. You definitely weren’t the only one. I saw plenty of social-media complaints along the lines of “I Went To Tucson for Spring Training and All I Got Was Hypothermia.”

      • khalspencer Says:

        As soon as I get out from under, that Truchas ride sounds great.

        I agree on avoiding suck weather at 11000 feet. I once crested Bobcat Pass in a sleetstorm turning to snow and dropped down to Red River practically frozen solid. No fun in that.

      • Shelly Says:

        (I’m John’s other half)

        I just got back from a weekend in Durango. It was work-related, an archaeological conference at the Strater Hotel. Had a fine time hanging out with like-minded folks. Fortunately I took a company vehicle from Fun Junction (GJ) and a company gas card. Unfortunately I did not bring my bike.

        I did stroll down Main Ave (several times) and stopped in Velorution, attracted by the sight of steel framed bikes, to have a look around. Last night I had dinner at Carvers with several co-workers. Wonder if I passed you on the street somewhere Khal?

      • khalspencer Says:

        We were at the Rochester Hotel and talked to a couple who were at an archeological conference. They were in one of the Rochester’s Dog Rooms and we in the other next to them. That wasn’t you, was it?

      • Shelly Says:

        I stayed at the Strater Hotel.

    • Jeff Cozad Says:

      On Iowa’s East coast, it’s between $3.65 & $3.99.

      Here’s something the “Drill Baby Drill”crowd won’t like much:

      Damn statisticians.. 36 years worth of production & price data and they find no correlation between more US production and US gas prices. If you care to do your own analysis, there a link in the story to the data and the analysis.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        Jeff, the annual “Gas Prices Soaring” stories are the end product of the decline of journalism and resemble the end product of peristalsis.

        A competent hack can write that shit from the corner bar.

        “Hey, Bob, how y’like them gas prices?”

        “Fuckin’ shit’s fucked up!”

        This winds up as, “It’s definitely making me rethink some of my spending decisions.”

        Analysis, now, that takes thought, time and money. And it’s rare to find all three commodities in the same shop.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      A gallon of regular go-juice in Bibleburg is $3.67 today, up from $3.56 on the 19th. Paid $45 to gas up the Forester then, but I don’t drive much, and that tank will last me a month if I’m sensible.

      Being as I’m down to two part-time jobs, sensible sits as high on my to-do list as is possible for a profligate ne’er-do-well.

      The Vespa has a new battery, and it’s plenty suitable for light-duty grocery/grog shopping. The Soma Saga has racks front and rear, and it’s damn’ near all bike path from the DogHaus to the Whole Paycheck. And it’s not like I don’t need the exercise.

      Also, the farmers’ markets resume here shortly, and my favorite is an easy cycle or walk from MDM Whirled Hindquarters. So we’re fortunate. Herself drives to Mile High and back two days a week, but it’s not like we’re both five-day-a-week car commuters. Rising fuel prices will nip us, but not eat us alive.

  6. bromasi Says:

    “peristalsis”—Had to look up that one, well said.

  7. High Plains Drifters Says:

  8. weaksides Says:

    This is the poster formerly known as barry here. Something changed with the blog and wouldn’t let me comment without logging in. It took me a while to dig out my old wordpress creds from years ago.

    I paid around 3.80 a gallon on two fill ups last weekend on our little trip to DC. I think this was a ride some of y’all could get behind.

    A friend got a van to take a group of us out to Williamsport MD and dropped us off at the 100 mile marker on the C&O Canal towpath. After a kickoff beer and a few swigs from a bottle of rye I’d brought, 5 of us hit the trail at 8:36 AM. 11 and a half hours, 2 flasks of whiskey, many beers, and a few little 4-pack bottles of wine later, 3 of us rolled into Georgetown on a Saturday night looking like filthy swamp rats (did I mention it rained for 60 or so of those miles?).

    It was fucking awesome.

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