Splish, splash, I’ll be takin’ the cash

Well, shit. Some crazy bastard tried to rob my favorite grog shop last night.

Dude pops in, squirts a clerk and a customer with lighter fluid and demands cash. Clerk says something along the lines of “Kiss my ass,” the bandit tries to come around the counter, and another clerk produces a baseball bat. Exit bandit, stage left.

It was the second attempt in less than 24 hours at robbery by flamethrower, too. Dude actually got money from a hotel clerk the first time around. Grog-shop clerks must be made of sterner stuff.

And times must be harder than I thought. It’s usually all knives and guns around here. Hell of a note when the bandits have to retire their PPKs and go all BBQ on a citizen.


5 Responses to “Splish, splash, I’ll be takin’ the cash”

  1. High Plains Drifters Says:

    Some shit house lawyer musta spread the word that a Bic and 6 oz of Kingsford will keep the po-po from hanging “armed” in front of your charges.

    Still, sick fuck. Setting folks on fire gets you a max score on the psychopath test. Bet they’ve kicked a puppy in their day, and have a few homemade tattoos.

    Betting the folks at the house of bottles had a thicker than water connection to ownership, whilst the night clerk at the Super 8 ain’t got skin in the game.

  2. khal spencer Says:

    Just more desperation. jfc….

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Word, K. We have an epidemic of Dumpster-divers now, too. There have been a few construction-size Dumpsters on the block lately as some neighbors undertake home renovations, and not an hour goes by without some poor shlub rumbling by in a beater pickup, squealing to a halt, and clambering out of the cab and into the Dumpster to see if there are any salable items.

      On an unrelated note … did you ride the SF Century on Sunday? Looks like a good turnout.

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