Attack of the Democrats

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The prez popped in for a chat today, and a sizable crowd of Bibleburgers seemed happy to see him despite the astonishing disrespect shown for the Second Amendment by his security team. Why, the only people packing heat were the heat. Imagine my astonishment. Where’s Ron Paul when you need him?

The speech itself was basic campaign boilerplate, but it went over pretty well, especially considering we’d spent about four hours broiling under an August sun while waiting to catch Obama’s act. A small army of volunteers was passing out water to the masses, though my requests for three fingers of Chamucos with a beer back went unanswered.

It was quite a crowd infesting Cutler Quad at Colorado College. Blacks, Asians, honkies and Hispanics; old, young and in between; gay, straight and in between; haves and “waiting to haves.” While waiting for the prez to crank it up we chatted with a black Vietnam vet and his German secretary, a Buddhist who sits thrice weekly with three different sanghas, and (of all things) one of Herself’s friends from elementary school back in Maryland.

If there were any pro-Romney hecklers in the bunch I didn’t hear them. It was a fine departure from the horrid discourse one reads in the public prints. Strangers were passing water to each other, sharing the few bits of shade and taking care that everyone had a chance to see the famous tyrannical Kenyan crypto-Muslim socialist usurper in the flesh so they could scope out the horns and that big 666 on his forehead.

Frankly, there’s something reassuring about seeing that many fellow travelers packed into one place like red herrings in a tin. I caught more than one person giving another that appraising glance that says, “Oho, so you’re one too, eh?” Makes it easier to keep plugging along, knowing you’re not the only round peg in a town full of square holes.

11 Responses to “Attack of the Democrats”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    Seems like a lot of Dems for Bibleburg. I’d watch the margins of that crowd if I were you.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      K, I spent as much time watching the crowd as I did the prez. I didn’t see any obvious dingbats — well, not any obvious right-wing dingbats, anyway. It looked like a fairly representative slice of Bibleburg, but with more women and more blacks.

  2. Larry T. Says:

    Let’s hope there were more than just Democrats there. I ditched the party after the hatchet-job they did on Howard Dean in favor of John Kerry. While I vote for/with ’em 99% of the time, I refuse to join their party or give ’em a dime. My meager political contributions are doled out directly to the candidates. And as Khal sez, watch out for armed screwballs – though the Secret Service boys should (wait, are there any hookers around there?) be taking care of those threats.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Had to be more than Donks there, Larry. Independents for sure, maybe some Green Party types … who knows, maybe even a few disaffected centrist Elefinks, if any of that breed still exist.

      It’s been a while since I attended one of these shindigs — I worked a Denver rally for Dukakis back in the day — and the SS presence here was massive, backed by local law enforcement. Herself wondered whether The Big Fella was wearing Kevlar, and for sure there were choppers in the air. One big one distracted the crowd from the arrival of the motorcade.

      I’m still a registered Democrat, but this year also joined the Democratic Socialists of America for old times’ sake (I kinda miss my commie roots). If I had any brains I’d register Republican and start tossing great big red monkey wrenches into the local party machinery.

      • Larry T. Says:

        I’ve thought about the Repuglican deal too, there was some talk of joining up to work for someone (anyone) besides Steve King in Congress. Now I think Vilsack’s (ex-governor of Iowa and current Ag bigwig in DeeCee) wife’s been drafted in to oppose him. And being here (politically) in Nebraska, I know only too well about your peg and hole theory – just one more reason to work towards getting the hell out of here for a permanent gig in Italy…where the worry is the return of Silvio Berlusconi…..horrors….Romney on Viagra!

      • Brian Smith Says:

        I’m one of those disaffected centrest republicans. I stand firmly with Teddy Roosevelt. I have left the party when the neo=christian right took over in the 80’s. As someone with a brain and who believe big hurricanes are caused by low atomspheric pressure and not gay marriage, that evolution and creation are not incompatible (it’s about how not who), i can’t stomach what passes for a rebulican these days.

  3. md anderson Says:

    Nice photos O’G. Back during the ’08 campaign Obama came to Espanola. (You may be familiar with it.) My daughter was14 at the time and a high school freshman. She insisted that we HAD to go. So we did and I am glad. I concur with the your observation of the diversity of the crowd, Los Alamos braniac types (hi Khal!), multi-generation Hispanos, tattooed bikers form Chimayo, hippies from Taos, moms, babies, grandfolk, farmers, ranchers, you name it. And yes, someone did faint from the heat, right in front of the candidate’s podium. He went off speech long enough to ask the crowd to clear so the EMTs could get through and do their work. “Maybe we can get her some water.” Call me a starry-eyed dreamer, but that to me is someone to vote for. Can’t say that the Rombot would have the same concern.

    Now my daughter is about to head to her first year of college, and will get to vote for him her-own-self in September.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Española … mis gentes!

      And yes, Obama likewise stepped off-message today, too, to ensure that EMTs were attending to the person who had fainted. The water deliveries from staffers increased exponentially afterward.

      I have my issues with the prez, but I agree with you as regards the Rombot. Herself and I were trying to come up with a pro-Romney message this afternoon and we settled on the following: “Give Mitt Romney the White House: It’s the Only One He Doesn’t Already Own.”

    • khal spencer Says:

      We missed the Prez’ visit to Espanola in ’08 but were pleasantly surprised that he actually won BombTown (although he lost White Bread, i.e., White Rock handily). I don’t know about this time around. It depends, so to speak, on whether the base and independents are mobilized.

      Concur with Patrick and Shannon’s suggested message for Mittens: Hey, its like Christmas for your rich uncle. What can you give him that he doesn’t already own?

      • High Plains Drifters Says:

        Wife and I flipped coins, so I’m a republican and she’s a dem. figured we could keep tabs on both sides that way.

        Five years ago, I had equal loathing for both parties. But since Karl Rove and Fox took over, I don’t know how anyone with a room temp iq can stomache their propaganda. Today’s GOP would tell Goldwater, Teddy R, and Honest Abe to go take a hike.

      • High Plains Drifters Says:

        Here’s everything you need to know about Rmoney:

        Dude refuses to release his tax returns. Says no one else needs to see them.

        Then Harry Reid says someone — wont say who — told him what’s in there.

        And Rmoney says, you’d better release that name. No anonymous sources. The American people deserve to know.

        I have a lot of problems with the sitting Prez. Not just ideological, but managerial and leadership-wise. But it seems like every republican who isn’t crazy is either too busy for politics or has retired from politics.

        For instance, i’d love to see Rmoney pick Colin Powell as a running mate. So CP could turn him down.

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