The morning after

After a late night and far too little sleep I had to get cracking on paying chores this morning, so I’ve been unable to crack wise about the abject failure of the Elefinks to accomplish much of anything in Election 2012 beyond spending other people’s money.

Look for snark to resume sometime this afternoon or evening. And thanks for playing.

6 Responses to “The morning after”

  1. Steve O Says:

    Don’t forget, a big victory for math.
    Silver ’16!

  2. Dale Brigham Says:

    What’s up with Florida? It’s a full 24 hours after their polls closed, and they still can’t tally the votes and report who won there. I think they should not be allowed to participate in any national election for at least 2 presidential election cycles. Sort of a time out to let them think about what they are doing.

    Dale in MO (Proud to live in one of the 4 counties in MO that went for the President, but, ashamed to live in a hillbilly state that overall went for Mitt)

  3. weaksides (@weaksides) Says:

    Unfortunately the Elefinks were a good bit more successful here in NC- where as Mr. Pierce routinely reminds us, is one the 50 best places in Amurka for governmentin’. We now have a GOP legislature and a GOP governor.

    I reckon I’ll need an ID to go vote next time around, as well as be careful not to park my truck too close to the natural gas rig they’ll put in my back yard.


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