Working on my monitor tan

Thank God it’s Friday? Not hardly, Bubba. Sure, it’s been one long-ass week, but it’s not over yet. Not for me, anyway.

I have been filling in for absent colleagues here, and chasing deadlines the way a dumb dog chases fast cars there, and the dentist appointment I have scheduled on Tuesday is starting to look like a sunny day at a white, sandy beach full of pulchritudinous women of the female persuasion wearing not very much while delivering a sequence of unlikely and outlandish proposals enhanced by adult beverages shaded by itty-bitty umbrellas.

There have been high points. I got in a nice ride today on the Space Horse, loaded down with panniers front and rear for research purposes, and the arm warmers came off in the first mile or two.

And following my biannual fang-filing I have been cleared for takeoff to someplace warm and sunny, which Bibleburg will not be starting this weekend.

But meanwhile, there’s the pile, and here’s the shovel. …

26 Responses to “Working on my monitor tan”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    Indoors seems like a good idea in BombTown too.

  2. Libby Says:

    It’s a pleasure to see a new post from you arrive in my email. Thank you!
    After months, years of anti-Obama email sent by two friends there is a respite, probably brief.
    I see Romney supporters blame every one
    but their candidates for not getting elected.

    • larryatcycleitalia Says:

      It’s all the fault of those middle-aged (and older) white guys…they’re becoming extinct. They think Mitty would have somehow, some way made those “Voodoo Economics” (in the words of Bush #1) work and made us all rich beyond our wildest dreams, despite all the times they’ve been tried…only to end up with the usual results = richer rich and poorer poor. But if you’re Mitty and his NASCAR team owning plutocrat friends that’s just fine, right?

    • Steve O Says:

      The GOP’s problem boils down to one thing:

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Yes, Libby, the winnowing process left something to be desired: “Anybody except this guy … and this guy … and this woman … and this guy … and this woman … and this guy … aaaaaaannnnnd. …”

      When you dish up that last candidate left on your menu, the one who looks and smells like the furry bit of whatever in the Tupperware at the back of the ’fridge, you shouldn’t exactly be stunned when everyone at the table gives it a miss.

  3. Boz Says:

    Well, Khal, I have to say for the Man with the Tan, mainly so I didn’t have endure that condescending smirk that Mittens displayed after almost every lie he told. Needless to say, we saw it a lot. He’s also lucky he didn’t win, since he’d probably do it sitting across the table from somebody like Putin, and get shot in the nuts. That’d wipe that stupid grin off of his face, post-haste!

  4. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    I wasn’t as happy to vote for Obama as I was last time. This time it was as much about fear of the outcome if a vulture capitalist got his hands on the levers of power as anything. I hope he’ll be able, now that reelection is no longer an issue, to go back to being that fellow all about hope and change. As you mentioned recently, why can’t we have a country where education and healthcare get a blank check while the Air Force needs to hold bake sales to raise money for a new bomber?

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I think I mentioned earlier that when Herself and I saw Bill Maher this summer he suggested that we had seen the white half of LL Cool Prez in the first term, and that the black half would get his innings in the second term. Here’s hoping. …

  5. weaksides (@weaksides) Says:

    Well if all you geezers are “middle-aged”, then I must be “young adult” at the tender age of 42!

    Since no one else has posted it yet, I’ll assume y’all haven’t seen this sweet little gem of a site yet.

  6. bromasi Says:

    I’m 75 years old guess who I voted for———-Wrong! O’s my man, has been since the day I saw him.

  7. khal spencer Says:

    Like O’Grady, I’m awfully close to sixty loops around the sun (barring unforeseen problems, I should hit that tape three months before he does). Been on Ma Earth long enough to know bullshit when I see it, and as far as I can see, the GOP is running on the Southern Strategy, ignorance, and fear, and thankfully, doing it badly because the party has been taken over by hacks that would have been rejected by the John Birch Society back when I was a young man.

    I’m a Dem because its the only tent I’m welcome in. At heart, I’m probably an East Coast Liberal Republican from the nineteen sixties. In other words, extinct. Jake Javits, Ken Keating, Jack Kemp, and Nelson Rockefeller must be turning in their graves to see the GOP now. I wish folks like David Brooks would take over the party, but he is way too intellectual for these mouth breathers and reality deniers.

    • BenS Says:

      Senator Javits was a cousin. A cousin of a family of staunch Democrats. Yeah extinct.

      I don’t know about Rockefeller. Well I do he was my Governor growing up. The revision of the drug laws in NY and later elsewhere created a mess we will be cleaning up and recovering from for a long long time.

      • khal spencer Says:

        Rockefeller was a political moderate for his time and championed the SUNY system and did other good things. Recall he ran against Goldwater in ’64 and was hooted down in the convention. To be sure, he did fuck up the drug laws and his decision to attack Attica made that town an internationally known place. I grew up one town over from Attica and have a friend who grew up there. To be sure, its easy to second guess someone in retrospect. Attica never should have gotten that bad to begin with.

        I got pretty disgusted when Sen. Javits lost the primary to Al D’Amato, aka “Mr. Pothole”, cuz Javits was a great man and D’Amato not fit to shine his shoes. Mr. Pothole ran on Javits’ ALS, and that was ugly.

  8. BenS Says:

    It is the greatest feeling after five days to still get up in the morning and know Romney is not president. In a few days it will wear off and just getting up in the morning will once again be the greatest feeling.

  9. Steve O Says:

    Don’t get your hopes up that now that the Big O has won. I fully expect “no third term” movement to launch any day now.

    Have already heard folks saying the timing of petreaus’s confession was suspicious. After the election, you know. Cuz, Davey Boy not keeping Little Dave zipped up would have been Obama’s fault??????

    • larryatcycleitalia Says:

      Of course Davey Boy’s little caper was Obama’s fault! I think some of the Repugs believe Dubya’s two terms are somehow Obama’s fault too! Barry’s also at fault for everything bad that happened during Slick Willie’s two terms as well. Someone on TV this weekend described what happened to the moderate Republicans – they’re Democrats now, leaving the current Repuglican Party to the kooks, and those who profit from manipulating them.

  10. Pat Says:

    I almost can’t wait to 2016 to see who else the elephants can drag up or recycle. They have to do better than this time or last. No, please forget I even said that.
    Patrick, Tucson is toasty this time of year.

  11. Ira Says:

    Black Friday is coming!

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