Sgt. Rock

Sgt. Rock didn’t spend his tour of duty protecting Texas roadhouses from the Viet Cong.

I see the Alfred E. “Worry” Bush Presidential Library is to be dedicated today. How nice to see Numbnuts finally has a place to store his comic books.

They’re mostly dogeared copies of “Sgt. Rock” and “Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos,” but there are a few “Wonder Woman” numbers in there, too.

You want to steer clear of those. They’re all sticky.

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15 Responses to “Ten-HUT!”

  1. Douglas Glondeniz Says:

    Don’t forget his copy of “My Pet Goat”, from 9/11.

  2. Steve O Says:

    Is there something in the constitution that says you have to open a lie-berry after you high-tail it? Can’t anyone be original? Maybe we’ll see the Obama Presidential Starbucks and Weed Emporium.

  3. Larry T. Says:

    Think of what good could have been done with all the loot wasted on a library for this national embarrassment. Still have the tin from the package of “National Embarrassmints” the Unemployed Philosophers Guild sold back in the day with W’s picture on it. Wonder if W and BigTex ride bikes together anymore? Wasn’t the story that Tex had to let W “win” their little bike rides/races? They deserve each other.

  4. khal spencer Says:

  5. bromasi Says:

    He should be in jail.

  6. BruceM Says:

    Don’t forget Dubya’s other books, some of which haven’t even been colored in!

    One of my degrees came from SMU. I was among many who signed a petition against allowing the school to memorialize one of the worse presidents in US history. We lost, but SMU no longer gets any of my money, which they keep asking for. I told the last telemarketer to call one of The Shrub’s buddies.

    • Steve O Says:

      Bruce, you beat me to it

      Save this one for later:

      Did you hear the W Library burned down?

      It was a real tragedy… They lost all three books … And two of them weren’t even colored in yet

      (Adapted from a Steve Spurrier joke about the University of Tennessee)

  7. Boz Says:

    I can see the cartoon bubbles over Obama’s head now – ” why do I have to sit here and listen to this moron’s babble? Bubba Clinton and I should go over and kick his Lance Armstrong lovin’ ass. Runs the country into the ground and gets honored. Should be the W Prison. He and Cheney should be in it” .

    • Khal Spencer Says:

      There may have been worse presidencies, but not in my time.

      • John Says:

        What with there being so much Bush Lesser retrospectives lately, I’ve been reading a few lists compiled by historians of the worst presidents and they leave me at a total loss.

        Topping everyone’s list seems to be Buchanan, whose biggest crime seems to be playing spectator while the country split in two. Okay, that’s not “good” by how does that compare to W? The only war Buchanan started was the Mormon War, meant to “liberate” the unwilling Mormons in Deseret, in which not a single shot was fired. That doesn’t come anywhere close to lying to the American public to start a fraudulent war in Iraq costing thousands of lives.

        Grant seems to be near the top of everyone’s list due to his corrupt administration, but that was child’s play compared to Chaney and Halliburton.

        Basically, it seems like you can find all of the negative aspects of the bottom five or ten presidencies and find all of those characteristics, and more, in the eight years we were stuck with Shrub.

        My hunch is that modern historians don’t want to look biased by naming Shrub as the worst, it might affect their grant proposal success rate.

  8. Trailer Park Cyclist Says:

    I have often asked myself how I would react if I ever met the dude. I don’t know. He seems like a pretty affable guy for a lying, shit kickin’ two-faced imbecilic mass murderer.

    Maybe we would have a beer. Oh, yeah, god told him to stop drinking…to what end? He might have been a better guy drunk. I am. Better singer, dancer, hell, drunk I am presidential as all get out.

    I guess Obieobeo and Bubba HAD to go. Was Cheney there? Was he packin’?

    Was the music by the Dixie Chicks? Why not?

    • John Says:

      Being “affable” is how that partying frat boy/cheerleader got through life. It was his only talent. History is littered with destructive rulers whose best trait was that they were “charismatic”.

      I can think of lots of people who I’d enjoy having a beer with who I am horrified by the thought of them running the country. Speaking of which, how about grabbing a beer someday PO’G?

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