Today’s forecast: Light snow and heavy stupidity

Well, this more or less explains everything. Danilo Di Luca was taking so much shit he actually affected the weather in Italy. Talk about being all et up by the dumbass.

20 Responses to “Today’s forecast: Light snow and heavy stupidity”

  1. khal spencerk Says:

    F**kin’ A…can’t these guys EVER stay off the sauce? My Sicilian grandmother would have a choice word or three about this. She used them all the time on my Napoletano grandfather….

    • Steve O Says:

      I’m convinced that you can explain just about everything with a mix of Freakonomics, Nate Silver, and Roseanne Rossannadanna. Why would someone dope? Either it’s an incredibly addictive high to go so fast for so long, or it makes financial sense.

      #1 is unlikely, and even so, couldn’t do much about it.

      But #2 …

      You look around, and even facing a lifetime ban, you see older pros that you know doped who are coaches, DSs, TV guys, or working inside the industry.

      You see 100 guys doping around you, and you know that around 0.5% will get caught.

      Apparently it still makes sense to dope.

      Back in ’99-’00, I would have bet the farm that HWSNBN was clean, only because bike racing was a poe-dunk sport, and (I incorrectly assumed) that a clean American with 1-2 Tour podium appearances was worth more than a dirty American who dominated the field. Little did I know that the Cancer Jesus effect would be so strong that folks would ignore that which was right in front of their face.

      Why bring him up again? Because that culture is still part of a racer’s cost:benefit inventive analysis. Trek, Nike, Oakley … they all made money by betting on the “wrong” horse. Even the guys I like, like Vaughters, are all better off for having doped than they would be had they quit as 19 year olds.

      I’m not sure what if anything I’m advocating here. I hope I’m not. I’m trying to just lay out the landscape. People don’t make decisions based on theoretical circumstances, and, like Faulkner always said, the past isn’t the past.

      As long as there’s a perceived benefit, there will be an incentive for that particular action.

      Having said all that … maybe Di Luca is just a dumb ass.

      • Steve O Says:

        Auto correct doesn’t like “dope.” Keeps making it “door.”

      • Patrick O'Brien Says:

        Yep Steve, it’s the old follow the money deal again. If Dirty Dan has done his due diligence in his financial and legal life, he will tell the UCI and the rest to go pound sand up their asses, and see you on the book tour.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Some folks will always be looking for the Zil lane, the shortcut, the magic bean. Shit, I’ve had amateur cyclo-cross racers tell me that if they felt I had marked the course ambiguously, they would choose their own (unauthorized) lines.

      I told ’em, “Fine, I catch you doing it and I’ll have the chief ref’ run you right the fuck out of here.” Jesus. And mind you, we’re talking about a silly-ass race with a prize list that wouldn’t buy you a cup of straight Joe at Starbucks.

  2. Larry T. Says:

    Woke up today in Cortina d’Ampezzo to both bits of bad news. RAI TV had the post-race show on (the no-race show?) early today with guests Luca Scinto, boss of Vini Fantini along with the money-man who insisted they help “The Killer” by putting him on the team. Poor Scinto looked like he wanted to cry, thinking to himself “I knew this would happen/why did I let this guy talk me into this?” while the money-man pretty much took responsibility for forcing the guy almost as dumb as the “Modena Cobra” upon the team. I think they should make “The Killer” do a perp-walk past every competitor still in the race since they have another rest day due to weather. Each one can whisper “glad it’s you my friend and not me” in his ear OR punch him in the face, depending on which side of the doping fence they’re on. Meanwhile, tomorrow’s stage is supposed to have just the final climb to Tre Cime (interestingly along the same route we used to drive to Cortina last evening) so we’re kitted up with warm clothes and ready to see what seems like the final act in La Corsa Rosa 2013. I hope like hell the winner doesn’t trip POG’s infamous dope-o-meter – Italian cycling finally has something to celebrate…and I’d like the celebration to last awhile.

  3. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    Well, the testing must not be that bad. This is his third strike: one for CERA, one for hanging with a doping doc, and now EPO. He is so dense light bends around him. They kept giving him breaks, but I think his luck just ended. See ya Dan.

  4. pablopinchasso Says:

    ya can’t fix stupid…. these guys are stupid….
    Stupid is forever….

  5. Ryan Surface Says:

    He either doesn’t “get” the new norm in the peleton or just can’t break the old habits. You would think the normally “go easy” (but not as easy as the Spanish) Italian sports body would finally say buh bye to the “killa”. And why does it take a F*%#ing MONTH to come back with test results? Are they sending the results by burro?

    • khal spencerk Says:

      I don’t know how they do the test in detail (from what I recall of Pelkey’s description the best results are by high resolution mass spectrometry), but some of those chemical tests are anything but straightforward. Probably some chemistry and a lot of intricate mass spectrometry involved. Plus, maybe there is a waiting list of other piss samples.

  6. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    Changing the subject, for just a minute, to make you all feel better. I found my wife a new bike. A like new, still has original tires with no signs of age or wear, 1995 Trek 750 women’s Multisport. Tru Temper OX double butted tubing and Wisconsin made frame. The only part that has been changed was the saddle. Shop knows the previous owner. Bought for wife, she rode it a few times, then hung up in garage for 17 years. My lady has a new town bike once it I detail it and put on the rear rack and handlebar bag.

    • khal spencerk Says:

      Neat bike. My neighbor back in Honolulu had one. Blue. At the time she was a civil engineer/geotechnologist for a consulting firm and used hers to commute a dozen miles one way to her office in Honolulu from our neighborhood in Hawaii Kai.

      • Patrick O'Brien Says:

        Yep, Khal, it’s blue. I figured for $200 I couldn’t go wrong. The part that fascinates me are the tires. Even garaged, how could they last that long without cracking?

      • Khal Spencer Says:

        Chemistry, Patrick….

      • Patrick O'Brien Says:

        After a flat on the back, we decided to replace the tires with puncture resistant tires and thorn resistant tubes. I would tell you about goat heads, but I think I would be preaching to the choir. Anyway, the original tires looked good on the outside, but the inside side walls were dry and falling apart. I guess 17 years is too much to ask from any tire.

      • Khal Spencer Says:

        Looks can deceive. I suspect 17 years on any tire means dry rot. Especially with the UV up here at my altitude, i.e., 7300 feet and higher.

  7. brokenlinkjournalism Says:

    Pro bike racer caught doping is news? What’s next “Sun Rises and Light Shines?” And that is why road racing is a j-o-k-e.

  8. Steve O Says:

    Take up our quarrel with the foe:
    To you from failing hands we throw
    The torch; be yours to hold it high.
    If ye break faith with us who die
    We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
    In Flanders fields.

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