Two jerseys down …

Zoom zoom.

Zoom zoom.

The last couple of days at Le Shew Beeg have been, um, interesting, no?

First Cannondale lays waste to all the fast-twitch boyos and puts Peter Sagan in command of the points jersey. And then Sky croaks all the GC guys on the first mountain stage and goes one-two, stage and overall. Zoom-Zoom Froome even snatched up the polka-dot jersey for dessert.

Minibars in the Saint-Nazaire hotels will be in dire need of restocking on Monday’s rest day if Tintin and his mob tap that 55-gallon drum of whup-ass again tomorrow on a five-climb stage. And it goes without saying that the whispers have already begun.

“You have to ask them why they could not keep up,” said Richie Porte, Zoom-Zoom’s chief lieutenant. “Look at us all season, we are so consistent. This has happened all year. Look at Dauphiné and Paris-Nice. This is not really a massive surprise.”

No, it’s not. But maybe it should be. Here’s hoping we’re not in for a two-week victory lap that raises more questions than it answers.

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6 Responses to “Two jerseys down …”

  1. John Says:

    Thanks to Team Sky, I’ll have plenty of free time this July to go ride my bike.

    Do you think we should go ahead and book Froome and Wiggins for Oprah for sometime around 2025?

  2. veloben Says:

    The Cyclingnews article misses a point about regression. I amiss applying the term in the strict sense, but if a rider stops doping day a previous Tour winner, he doesn’t stay at the same level of fitness. Instead he regresses to a lesser level and has to retain up if he can. A clean rider doesn’t have to beat the doped rider’s best. He just has to beat him now.

    This Tour is mucho re interesting than the last three to my a mature eye as it seems much more a free for all.

    Port de Pailheres is a special place for me. Riding it in 2010 the morning of the stage is my best day on the bike.

  3. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    I think Froome should have responded to the question of possible doping in this way.

  4. Steve O Says:

    Danny M made it look easy this morning. Kinda like he did at LBL.

  5. khal spencer Says:

    Seems like the top cats wussed out today and gave it to Froome. Or was Froome that strong?

  6. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    All those doping questions have Mr. McQuaid, wherever he’s from, all upset. I guess Rupert called him and told him to get off his dead ass and protect the team. They need to hire Lance as their P/R man. He knows how to talk to the press.

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