Never wash your car


The Chez Dog Refugee Center, which is to say, my office.

Herself had the Subaru detailed today and the results were predictable — if there’s anything Yahweh hates, it’s a clean car. You will recall from your Bible that His people mostly walked everywhere, unless a donkey happened to be available.

Slow-moving storms briefly closed Interstate 25; Highway 24 remains closed. Hail north and east, mostly rain south and west. We hadn’t gotten much of anything at Chez Dog as of 9 p.m. Bibleburg time, though the Boo’s evening walk was more of a dog-paddle.

But those poor folks in Manitou Springs appear to be facing another beating. The flood sirens are sounding, and the Gazette says they ain’t kiddin’.

• Late note: Maybe I spoke too soon. It’s raining pretty steadily, with enough thunder to send the Boo scurrying under my drawing board. Nice night to have a new roof on the garage — if you’re a bicycle, anyway. The cars are in the driveway where they belong.

9 Responses to “Never wash your car”

  1. khal spencer Says:


  2. weaksides (@weaksides) Says:

    What are these “car” things you speak of?

  3. Larry T. Says:

    Unlike yardwork, taking care of the car is something I don’t mind so much – I’ll run it through a no-touch carwash for $10 but do the rest of the cleaning/detailing/polishing my own self.
    Perhaps you can make some $$ with this scheme – take the car to drought-stricken areas and have it washed? Right now my bicycle needs a bath more than the car!

  4. Larry T. Says:

    And now, for something completely different….check this out
    How can ya not like “The Cheetah”? CycleItalia coughed up some dough towards this interesting project. I actually met the guy once or twice, even attending a party at his SoCal digs back-in-the-day after a track event at the Olympic velodrome.

  5. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    Well, looks like Manitou Springs dodged the bullet this time. Snow plows to clear hail? That was some cluster of storms.

    See that Mr. Vails is going to appear at a screening in Tucson and Boulder. That is something I would pay to see. One of the guys that owns our LBS was a bike messenger and road racer in Scotland and Europe. He met another guy doing the messenger bit in Scotland who also was a road and track racer. They both went on to win some races and records. Guess you got to pay the bills.

    Well, I have the components picked out for the Soma ES. When the guitar and amp I have on consignment sell, I will order the frame.

  6. veloben Says:

    Never clean the chain before a tour. Never fails, the first or second day will be wet, very wet.

  7. Boz Says:

    The rain we got last night was just like pour water on the hot sauna rocks. Heat warning again today. 90+ temps w/ 99% humidity. Colder by the lake (Superior) my ass. Central air, I adore thee!

    • Larry T. Says:

      Same in Sioux City. Went out yesterday morning for an hour or so on the bike….not pleasant at all. I remember insisting on C/A when we moved here 17 years ago – for days like these! I’m almost looking forward to heading out to ‘Vegas in a few weeks for some of that so-called “dry” heat!

  8. Billbeau Says:

    Never wash your cat.

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