Herself said, "The sunrise is pretty damn' awesome this morning," and she did not lie.

Herself said, “The sunrise is pretty damn’ awesome this morning,” and she did not lie.

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20 Responses to “Sunrise”

  1. Steve O Says:

    Exact same sunrise 60 miles north, by the way

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Say it ain’t so. It’s an itty-bitty world, hey?

      • Steve O Says:

        My 3 year old woke me up before 5:00. Not exactly sure when. But a good hour before sunrise. The tiny slips of sunlight bouncing off clouds looked northern lights-ish, but without the green — just stripes of purple , like it was the Polaroid negative of the sunrise we got an hour later

    • veloben Says:

      The exact same sunrise 1,000 miles east, but a little earlier. A real beauty to start off some XC Skiing today.

      The Incredible Shrinking Planet?

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        Man, I would love to do some XC, but I want to do it the easy way, out the front door. I can’t bear navigating the Interstate 70 Industrial Tourism Corridor to make a fool of myself on skinny skis.

  2. Libby Says:


  3. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    Beauty, heh?

  4. Larry T. Says:

    Who the hell is up at sunrise for Pietro’s sake? We DID have to get up before that to catch a flight out to SoCal for the holidays, but otherwise sunrise is seen only in photos. Looking forward to a nice ride outside in warm temps this AM.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I was up earlier than usual for no justifiable reason and scuttled out the door with a Canon point-and-shoot when Herself gave a thumbs up to the sunrise. It was not warm, but eventually became so — 60-sumpin’, which ain’t bad for Bibleburg in December.

  5. khal spencer Says:

    Was walking the dogs at sunrise down here. Full moon was setting over the Jemez. Wish I had the camera.

  6. Sharon Says:

    Beautiful shot – stunning really. Great weather in Texas this week, so a group of my pals and I went for a fun 35-mile run today. It’s always a good day when you can ride in the winter, even the shorter rides.

  7. lesterb Says:

    Small world, indeedy! Here in the land of contented cows, and grand cheddar, we had the exact same sunrise. Best wishes to all for a Happy Christmas.

  8. John Dallager Says:

    Now we know where the Broncos colors come from!!

  9. khal spencer Says:

    A good day in these parts.

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