The big show

crosstoonNo, I’m not talking about the Belgian national championships (which is basically a second world championships, and which Sven Nys crushed today). I’m talking about today’s elite men’s and women’s USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships at Valmont Park in Boulder.

The Twitterati say the wind is up and the temps are down as Katie Compton and Jonathan Page prepare for their title defenses, and you can catch the action as it happens via streaming video starting at 11 a.m. this morning.

Here’s hoping mic’ jockeys Dave Towle and Colt McElwaine go a little deeper into history today when calling out the names of the greats — elite titlists like six-time champ Alison Dunlap and five-timer Laurence Malone deserve their fair share of the shout-outs.

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13 Responses to “The big show”

  1. Khal Spencer Says:

    Ring a cow bell for me, Patrick!

  2. Steve O Says:

    Got my Dave Towle “one to go” ringtone and iPhone cowbell app … but can’t ditch the sick kinder for some me time.

    Looks like more fun than watching over pumped so-called adults grope each other, or whatever that is on the telly right now.

  3. Jon Paulos Says:

    Watching the women’s preview now, while paying bills and doing laundry. Wait, what am I doing? Perfect material to watch while on the trainer….

  4. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    That is a neat cartoon.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Sweatshirt, circa 1997

      Thanks, Patrick. That one featured on some T-shirts we gave away during our cyclo-cross series back in the day, and it adorned a sweatshirt the last time nationals came to Colorado, back in 1997.

  5. Andy Bohlmann Says:

    Dave Towle is #*&%+! Its all about himself. Never heard one mention of any race sponsor.

    Not a huge turnout, though lots of ’em, venue too spread out and I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in 29 years when I was an expert in a wrongful death lawsuit in OR for US Cycling Federation.

    Still, it was good.


  6. James Says:

    I was able to watch all of the races today in spite of the awful announcing! I think it was the juniors race where they were playing up some huge battle royale, sprint finish that they completely missed. Thankful for the coverage but the announcing was awful.

  7. Patrick O'Grady Says:

    I wasn’t able to motor to B-town for the marquee events, so I was watching the streaming video, too. I appreciate that calling a race live is a whole lot different than writing about it at your leisure afterward, but still, damn. Listening to Dave and Colt squawk at each other about not much of anything like a couple of coked-up roosters in a 55-gallon drum is enough to make a guy jam spokes into his earholes and take a self-swirly in a loo full of bleach to cleanse the brain-pan.

  8. Derek Lenahan Says:

    I have always hated the noise (commentary) Why could they not at least get cyclists to speak poorly, we are good at speaking poorly but at least we know what is going on.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      The problem with most televised cycling coverage is that it’s all “color” commentary with no play-by-play and less direction.

      I don’t watch televised sports, but back when I did, I recall the broadcast team including at least one flea-witted loudmouth plus a straight man whose job was to report the actual developments on the field of play.

      Cycling coverage has only the former, in spades.

      And the direction is woeful. Montessori TV, is what it is. Everyone gets some air time, regardless of merit. I don’t give two runny shits how your homeboy is shreddin’ it in 67th place, I want to see the contenders bumping bars.

      • khal spencer Says:

        I suppose there is a desire to fill time with words, even if the words carry little meaning. Nature abhors a vacuum is the theory. But a vacuum of meaning seems to have been overlooked in the quest for the filling of space with drivel.

        Watching sports on TV seems to be a good way to get fat. I’d rather go ride my bike, even if pitifully slow and not for long enough.

      • Patrick O'Brien Says:

        Nothing worse it seems on radio and TV than “dead air.” That rule should be very lightly applied to TV, especially cycling coverage while the race is underway.

  9. Derek Lenahan Says:

    Plus I never heard a single comment about this guy.

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