Boyz in the ‘hood

Chez Dog is looking pretty sharp despite a little rough treatment from the recent wet weather.

Chez Dog is looking pretty sharp despite a little rough treatment from the recent wet weather.

I took a little road trip back to Bibleburg this week.

The main goal was to check up on Chez Dog, which we rent through Airbnb. The back sidewalk has taken a pounding from the weather — as has just about everything else in town — and needs replacing. Likewise the garage requires some minor repairs and paint.

Dennis the Menace and Dr. Schenkenstein take the long view atop Bear Creek East, a once-active cyclo-cross venue.

Dennis the Menace and Dr. Schenkenstein take the long view atop Bear Creek East, a once-active cyclo-cross venue.

Whilst in the ‘Burg I checked in with a bunch of friends and neighbors: Ted and Diane, who help us with the Airbnb thing; Steve and Doris, who like Herself are Librarians Gone Wrong; Alley Mike, a disgruntled Comcast subscriber who was irked at being unable to watch the USA Pro Challenge (Corner Mike was at large and unavailable for comment); Judy, who rents The House Back East®; John Crandall, owner of Old Town Bike Shop; John O’Neill, who ramrods The Colorado Running Company (and whose Hebrew name is Usuk, pronounced “You suck”); and of course Dr. Schenkenstein and Dennis the Menace, with whom I enjoyed an invigorating ‘cross-bike ride through Bear Creek Regional Park, where Team Mad Dog Media-Dogs At Large Velo once ran cyclo-crosses back in the day.

The old libertarian laboratory is in something of a state these days, with all the local John Galts pointing at each other and saying, “Hey, you don’t like it, you fix it, because freedom, Jeebus, and guns, etc.”

The latest wrinkle is a proposed increase in the sales tax, a typically regressive non-solution that will place the billion-dollar burden of repairing the local infrastructure squarely on the backs of Those People, the ones who already can’t afford bootstraps by which to hoist themselves up. Them, and the tourists, who of course are fair game everywhere. Slow elk, is what.

I always enjoy going back for a visit. Chez Dog is a nifty little place, and a guy who knows his way around can still have a pretty good time in Bibleburg. There’s The Blue Star, Tapateria, and of course Ivywild School, home to Bristol Brewing Co. And if someone manages to root up a billion smackeroos somewhere, why, the place may once again have roads and trails that can be navigated without the need to liberate a tracked vehicle from Fort Cartoon.

Until then, I’m content to remain an interested out-of-towner.


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14 Responses to “Boyz in the ‘hood”

  1. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Good day Patrick! I hope you had nice cool weather in CS. We have been in a sauna down here the last week or more. I thought someone had beamed my ass back to Georgia.
    Chez Dog looks great. Seems there is always little bits that need attention for us home owners, or homes owner.
    Good neighbors, old riding buddies, and Bristol Brewing must have been nice.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      It is a nifty little place, Pat. And the neighborhood is stellar. It’s getting some attention lately — the former crack house across the alley now has a reg’lar family living in it, and a couple nearby houses are undergoing significant renovations and upgrades. Dennis says it’s one of the neighborhoods he’d recommend sinking money into, if you had property there.

      Hot and humid in the Duke City lately, too, even in the early mornings and evenings. But Bibleburg was downright chilly on Wednesday. We rode at 7 a.m. wearing early spring/late winter kit, which felt odd after a steady diet of 80s and up.

  2. Larry T. Says:

    Welcome back (to the blog that is) from crumbling CO. The taxes they’re collecting on all those dope sales aren’t enough?
    Yours truly is taking a forced vacation from the bike these days. Seems the old fart has come down with a case of Herpes Zoster.Just sounds bad, no? Guess I’m luckier than most with only heavy, heavy fatigue, light sensitivity and a headache. And to think a month ago I was happily climbing Passo Stelvio. Symptom #2 and 3 are now gone but still taking the antiviral stuff and hoping to be recovered enough to head out to Lost Wages in a few weeks.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Damn, Larry, that’s no fun at all. Seems like a lot of folks I know have come down with the shingles in recent years. One got it right on the top of his head and found it intolerable.

      I recall one of my dad’s buddies getting it and the poor sonofabitch couldn’t wear anything other than boxers and a wife-beater for the duration. Glad to hear you got off comparatively light.

      • Larry T. Says:

        Got off light – so far anyway. What I wonder about is the long-term situation. I want to start riding again asap but don’t want to push the immune system back into craziness by not giving it enough recovery time. In hindsight I should have talked to my doc about the vaccine.

    • khal spencer Says:

      Get well soon, Larry. My first wife’s mom had shingles and it was damn unpleasant. Since I had chicken pox as a rug rat, I’m at risk. Guess its time to deal with it.

  3. Pat O'Brien Says:

    After hearing Larry’s story, and many like it from people we know, I am getting the shingle’s vaccination next doc visit.

    • Libby Says:

      It is a live virus vaccine, in case that is significant to you. The thing about shingles is the risk of suffering from a chronic pain syndrome post attack. But there are risks for some with a live virus vaccine.

  4. Libby Says:

    Great curbside appeal! I’m glad that real estate is working out for you. Did you commentate on the Vuelta today? How was that TTT ever approved – it had to be neutralized. Pretty and dramatic setting for spectators, photogs and the TV audience.

  5. Dale Says:

    In the news today, there was a guy thanking Gummint firefighters for saving his home from a wildfire in California. The irony is that he was wearing a T-shirt stating “Less Government More Freedom”. Maybe he’ll get his wish and his friggin’ house will burn down during the next fire.

    • khal spencer Says:

      I’m up in Idaho Falls today. Air was bad yesterday, but cleared today. Smoke all the way from ABQ through Salt Lake City to Idaho Falls airport, though. Yech. For a while, I thought I was back in the East Coast before the industry all left.

    • Larry T. Says:

      Right up there with the town hall meeting I went to years ago where all the old geezers demanded their Congresscritter (Steve King) “Keep the gummint out of my Medicare!” I guess the kindest term for these folks is what they call the morons who show up to listen to the Donald Trump rants – “low information voters”?
      Can I go back to Italy now? Please?

      • Steve O Says:

        First day of kindergarten here. Ran into half a dozen disgruntled parents who I hadn’t seen in a year, because their kids didn’t get into the preschool program. I happen to know every single one of them voted against the school bond last year, so the reason they didn’t get into preschool was because there was no money for additional kids beyond those who qualified with IEDs or whatnot. Just cracks me up. In America today, a conservative is someone who thinks his special interests are legitimate but yours are somehow special. No one wants to pay the bill, but everyone wants the services.

  6. weaksides Says:

    Dang Patrick, you didn’t hype the Vuelta coverage on LUG. Now I’m 5 stages off the pace!

    And what’s this Pelkey said about you riding wagons? Say it ain’t so fearless leader!

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