Feeling the Bern’d out

Miss Mia Sopaipilla enjoys making a cave out of the coverlet on our bed.

Miss Mia Sopaipilla enjoys making a cave out of the coverlet on our bed.

Faugh. I think I have myself a medium-light sinus infection going on here. Just the ticket for a fella staring down a whole passel of deadlines.

Herself went downtown to catch Bernie’s act last night when he visited Duke City, but I stayed home and hit the sack early. The Giro d’Italia is ongoing, and I like to log in six-ish at Live Update Guy to give Charles Pelkey some immoral support (he’s generally been on since 3 a.m. or thereabouts).

As it happens, I was up around 5 ’cause I felt more or less like I’d been et by a coyote and shit off a smallish cliff. Blaugh.

The Giro has been … interesting. Maybe things would have turned out differently had the stage-9 ITT not been something of a swim leg, but to this point none of the big GC boyos has really taken hold, perhaps in part because the race is so keister-heavy, with most of the action coming in the final week.

Vincenzo Nibali (Astana) was briefly flummoxed today, but bounced back. Alejandro Valverde (Movistar) followed the wheels all day until suddenly he couldn’t. And now Estebán Chaves (Orica-GreenEdge) and Steven Kruiswijk (LottoNL-Jumbo) are looking very good indeed, as are Darwin Atapuma (BMC Racing), George Preidler (Giant-Alpecin) and Kanstantsin Siutsou (Dimension Data).

What is not looking so good is the Tip Jar. Earnings are way down from the 2015 Giro, and it could be that we’ve finally just worn out our welcome. Either that or we need some new wrinkles, and not just the ones in our faces, either. Auuuggghhh.




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8 Responses to “Feeling the Bern’d out”

  1. matlinp Says:

    It’s sad about the tip jar. There could be several reasons. Perhaps the novelty has worn off for too many followers. The few times I’ve been able to check in, I’ve noticed the usual, loyal group – Mons, Joanna, BusterSci, etc. – but not a lot of people whom I didn’t recognize (though with it being a moderated feed, that could be an optical illusion).

    But, I think that technology has also caught up. Consider the following: this morning I dropped my younger son, who works at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab designing communications system for satellites, off at the airport to fly off to San Francisco for the International Microwave Symposium. When I got home, I streamed the EuroSport feed from the Giro via cyclinghub.tv on my iPad, displayed it on my wide screen via AirPlay and AppleTV and simultaneously followed LUG as well as tracking my son’s flight on FlightAware. Was that even possible five years ago when all of our NRRBBB got started? With all of that available at home and at work for many of us, perhaps text-based following of races has its days numbered. Hard to say – I hope not, but there are signs. It would be interesting to know how the other text commentaries (Velo News, Cycling News, etc.) are doing.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Yeah, the menu is a whole lot broader these days, for sure.

      I was thinking that a text-based update might still have some value for cube farmers, but with outfits like cyclingfans, cycling hub and steephill providing so many video feeds — and beIN supplying an official feed — I think folks are tuning us out and tuning them in, maybe on their personal phones or tablets. Damn The Man, I’m watching my bike race!

      We can provide some entertainment, but the real show is the race, and people are accustomed to watching their sports, not a couple of bozos jabbering about it. And not much more than a couple; I think the textual-update gang is down to us and CyclingNews. VN gave it up a long time ago, mainly because they didn’t have anyone who liked doing it, was good at it, and enjoyed getting up at dark-thirty in the morning. (They also forgot how much money they made doing it, the institutional memory of the joint having fallen victim to a corporate version of Alzheimer’s.)

      Can you imagine what would happen if NFL fans had to depend on Live Update Guy for their fix? There would be violence, and plenty of it.

  2. khal spencer Says:

    I’ve been fried. Have not even checked on the Giro. For some reason, I really soured on pro bike racing after the clusterfuck involving TCWSNBN.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      It is tough to maintain a connection, K. That we’re in some sort of transition between old guard and new also makes it tough to figure out who’s likely to do what to whom, and why.

  3. Pat O'Brien Says:

    But, it is such great text, especially the humor. I think matlinp’s analysis is on the right track, unfortunately, and the tip jar shows it. Time is the issue with us. When we could watch Le Tour, we ended up only watching what we thought would be the crucial stages.

    Actually got a ride in today, mainly sucking the wheel of a Co-motion tandem ridden by two neighbor friends. Tandems go real good downhill and on the flats! Took short turns pulling when I could.

    The slow move continues, but the end is in sight. Closing on the old joint on 16 June if the Force is with us.

    Did you try flushing out the sinuses with your trusty snot pot? Does the trick for me most of the time. Especially after red flag warning days.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Good on you, Pat. I always loved finding a good tandem to draft at a century ride. Zoom zoom, etc.

      i’ve been trying to think of how we might augment our text-based update, but there just isn’t much you can do with it. We use race photos from the LUG Nuts, race organizers and Man On the Scene (MOTS), when he’s available, but to put any serious, original meat on the bones we’d have to have some talented sort actually at the event, shooting pix and Vines and Periscopes, chiming in via Skype and WhatsApp, and kicking us LUG-targeted news nuggets. Pricey. We may be looking at a case of get big or get out.

      I can’t do the snot-pot thing, alas. Feels too much like waterboarding. I keep hearing the NSA asking me questions.

  4. Libby Says:

    I noticed that Steephill lists LUG as a resource in the live listings but Cyclingfans doesn’t. I find that some people are only aware of cyclingfans.com. What about a LUG link on that site?
    I looked in near the end of today’s stage and just went back and read the whole thing. The Giro has some particularly long stages so I understand your concern when eyes/donations are down. I did donate today near the end of the stage.
    It’s a big disappointment that Landa is gone. He was so strong last year. And so sick in the offseason and never looked that great since the start. A lot was expected of him and Sky to animate the race. Losing “will he or won’t he” Dumoulin was a blow, too. It’s hard to keep top sprinters in the Giro. They drop out before their almost certain not elimination. The sunny weather on Friday and Saturday made for great racing and beautiful vistas. Thanks for LUGing with Charles and I hope things pick up.

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