Old race, new race

Looking east at the Sandias from NM 313, en route to Bernalillo.

Looking east at the Sandias from NM 313, en route to Bernalillo.

It sure is nice to spend mornings riding the bike rather than writing the bike.

Yesterday I rode out to Bernalillo on NM 313, inspecting the first leg of what would be a fun training ride — basically an extended version of the old Watermelon Mountain Classic that I used to race back in the Eighties.

That race started in Bernalillo and climbed through Placitas on NM 165 to the Sandia Peak Ski Area, then dropped through Sandia Park and Cedar Crest before finishing on NM 333 just east of Albuquerque.

What made it interesting was a stretch of unimproved dirt Forest Service road — about seven miles of switchbacks, if memory serves — that climbed to the Sandia Crest Road just below the ski area, which used to host an occasional mountain-bike race.

After that it was mostly the old zoom-zoom, down, down, down to the Duke City. I was usually pretty aggressive on the climb, but whatever I gained on the uphill I lost on the downhill, suffering as I did from an overactive imagination and a feeble health-insurance plan.

My version of the Watermelon would start at El Rancho Pendejo, which adds 20 miles to the front end of the ride. The backside would be augmented by a half-dozen miles or thereabouts, from the old finish line back to the rancho. Eating the whole ‘melon would involve about 63 miles, many of them uphill. Good times. Maybe not.

Speaking of races and good times, Ronald McDonald McTrump came in for a vigorous thumping last night at the DNC. Even the prez got in on the act, which MoJo’s Kevin Drum summarized in 17 words:

Michael Bloomberg: Trump is a con man.

Tim Kaine: Trump is a liar.

Joe Biden: Trump is a sociopath

Barack Obama: Trump is an asshole.

Drum qualified that last by noting that it was his translation “from the original Obamish.” Pretty accurate translation, I’d say.


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9 Responses to “Old race, new race”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Sounds like a fun route in the making!

    Am flying back to Austin today from Seattle. I completed the Seattle to East Glacier ride. We climbed over 40,000 feet on the journey! While hill climbing is not my specialty, I actually grew to like it and look forward to the spectacular views. It was the hardest, but most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

  2. Libby Says:

    Nice country in your backyard. Now you have your morning back to ride and plot and ride.

  3. Carl Duellman Says:

    gotta love a place called watermelon mountain.

  4. khal spencer Says:

    Hah. I found that dirt section of NM 165 the hard way one day, riding up it on the 600 lb BMW. I eventually thought better of that idea and did a careful U-turn and back down the East side to NM 14.

    That was a hoot last night. Main problem I had was the Donks spent a lot of time shitting on Der Trumpster and far less time tooting their own horns. Made me wonder if they had a horn to toot.

    I fear this will be one of the ugliest, dirtiest, ad hominem campaigns I can remember and at my age, I can remember a lot of them.

  5. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Mr. Drum’s summary says it all about the orange buffoon.
    Khal, I agree, and I am a little older.
    Doing some more house stuff today, and a change of work schedules by the contractor threw us a curve, but tomorrow we ride. I need to get some miles in my tired ass so I can actually finish 62 miles while the sun is still up.

  6. Libby Says:

    Catching up on a pile of newspapers I came across a cartoon inspired by Trump banishing the Washington Post press.Hard time tracking it down online because I couldn’t make out the cartoonist’s name. You have a great signature, PO’G, stylish and legible. http://www.gocomics.com/marshallramsey/2016/06/14#mutable_1453155

  7. Larry T Says:

    Pavement, dirt, up and down.. on road bikes. Sounds like fun PO’G…you oughta scare up something that meets the EROICA rules and come out to EROICA CA next year. I’m putting together an old SCAPIN to ride and planning to do something interesting to the wife’s 20 year old LandShark so she can enjoy it too. I had great fun at 4 (count ’em) bici d’epoca events this year in Italy and am already looking forward to sampling EROICA CA. Can it measure up?

  8. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Billiary beat up on the Dumpster pretty good last night. The speech was pretty light on facts and specifics. NPR did a fact check piece on it, and she was accurate on all the facts, but there just weren’t many for that length of speech. But, it was a good one, and I think she has just opened a 101 day long can of whup ass on the Dumpster. Plus, he is already helping her with his off the cuff speech ramblings and tweet bullshit.

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