Sturm und Drang

The weatherman expects welcome moisture through the weekend before the inevitable warming and drying trend resumes.

The weatherman expects welcome moisture through the weekend before the inevitable warming and drying trend resumes.

The so-called monsoons have been washing away the memory of a too-hot July as August heads for the barn.

Mornings are nice and cool — just 61 at the moment — and the afternoon highs have been topping out in the upper 70s, with the rains rolling in around dinnertime. This is hard to beat, I don’t mind telling you.

Also hard to beat is Ronald McDonald McTrump, mostly because he has that pesky Secret Service detail frisking everyone for blackjacks, ax handles and baseball bats. Agent Orange just keeps bouncing around the country from rally to rally, not so much campaigning as entertaining, which makes me wonder whether he’s really after the presidency. Could he instead be pursuing some sort of honky media empire based on the WWF/WWE model of raising a fine crop of money in a carefully tended bed of fresh bullshit?

Think about it. As Stephen K. Miller noted over at National Review back in April, “Pro wrestling’s biggest stage was where Donald Trump the political populist was born.”

In pro wrestling you have good guys, bad guys and crooked referees. Nicknames abound (Little Marco, Macho Man, Lyin’ Ted, Jake the Snake). Everyone knows the game is rigged, but who cares? It’s showtime, baby!

God knows there’s not much to watch down at Konrad’s Kountry Klavern these days. They could use a little uplifting Christian entertainment. The teevee’s full to bustin’ with mud people, Jews, homos, trannies and smarties (they’re the worstest). Where are Joe Friday and Bill Gannon, Ozzie and Harriet, Ed Sullivan and Topo Gigio? (OK, so that was just a little gay.)

You’ll know I was right if at the first debate El Trumpo body-slams the Hilldebeast, Megyn Kelly smacks Gwen Ifill with a folding chair, and money rains down from the ceiling. Katie bar the door!

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15 Responses to “Sturm und Drang”

  1. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Monsoon? We are about 2 inches short on rainfall so far this year.

    Now the Dumpster is saying I will just deport the bad ones like Obama and Bush did. Then he tells O’Reilly, one sanctimonious dipshit to another, he hasn’t changed his proposed immigration policy. Gee, he acts like a politician sometimes instead of a salesman. Reminds me of someone in the movies. Except that movie fella was on a mission.

  2. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    I think Drumpf’s campaign staff are telling him that the low-brows who got him the nomination aren’t going anywhere no matter how much flipping and flopping he does (after all, just look at the video clips showing his shifting positions on just about everything) so it’s now time for that move to the center in an attempt to appeal to those with IQ’s above room temperature. I’m confident he’ll never be able to stay on message for long and will eventually show any intelligent voter that he’s a dangerous kook who shouldn’t have the keys to a car, let alone the White House. Billary survived the various Benghazi hearings conducted by smarter adversaries than Drumpf – she oughta kill him when it’s time to debate one on one. Again, the low-brows won’t change their views but (I hope) there are enough folks with higher IQ’s that will really see Drumpf for what he is after a debate or two.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      He’s got about as much chance of pivoting to the center and staying there as a grasshopper in a hot skillet … on the stove in an RV that’s on fire and barreling downhill during an 8.0 earthquake, with Zombie Keith Moon at the wheel. Did I mention Zombie Keith Moon was at the wheel?

      But you know what your wife says. …

    • Pat O'Brien Says:

      Larry, hope your friends and family members in Italy are safe and sound this morning.

  3. Mike Frye Says:

    I really wish you were right, But “the Hillary” is probably the worst natural politician on the planet. Even if dimwit just reads his bloody cue cards he’ll probably beat her in the debates. Admit it, have you ever felt inspired by listening to her? She may say the right things but I’ve never felt positive about anything she’s ever said. This includes “the vast right wing conspiracy” when she failed to get universal health care passed.

    Remember, Hillary fondly remembers her supporting Barry Goldwater back when it was still pretty legal to hang black men just for looking at white women. And where is she coming from? The bastion of progressive politics, Georgia?

    I was watching the PBS show on LBJ and something they didn’t mention was that before LBJ signed his great Society programs Americans of African heritage actually had a higher marriage rate than Caucasians. Now only 25% of black babies have married dads.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I’m never sanguine about elections, with a media focused on the horse race rather than the issues and an electorate that’s more interested in which candidate they’d rather have a beer with than which candidate might skip happy hour in favor of doing the job (in this case, of course, the teetotaler is the one with the shortest résumé).

      Hillary doesn’t get me all worked up either, but I’ve come to think of myself as fortunate for having been able to get excited about all of two presidential candidates: my first (George McGovern) and the fella who’s had the Big Gig for the past two terms. Both proved something of a disappointment for very different reasons, but hey, that’s politics for you.

      As regards demographics, marriage rates for all Americans have been dropping for decades, and more unmarried partners across the board are raising children. Check out this NPR piece from a couple years back.

      One takeaway: The issue is likely to have more to do with economics than with traditional values, race, gender preference or other matters. (As an old commie I’ve always felt that marriage was more about the preservation of private property and the creation of new consumers for the State.)

      Both parties have done their best to avoid helping or even talking about the poor, preferring to focus on that mythical, vanishing “middle class.” I think we’d all be better served by focusing on why poverty has become something we choose to accept as part of the cost of doing business — “For ye have the poor always with you. …” — than on a symptom of that societal disease.

  4. Mike Frye Says:

    I believe you’re correct, a buddy of mine’s been living with his “girlfriend” and they’ve got three kids already. I asked him if he would be kind of upset if his girlfriend slept around. He told me that she wouldn’t because he trusts her. Seems to me that they were married but they just didn’t have that piece of paper.

    The fact the matter is with the way things are set up now it’s financially burdensome for a young couple too actually get married because she would lose all bunch of benefits that a person on a bike mechanic salary couldn’t afford to replace.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      When I was a young weirdo I briefly had a teenage girlfriend who was raising a sprout. She was always on about how she couldn’t make it on welfare, and being the product of a middle-class honky upbringing and dumb as a stump to boot I wondered aloud why she didn’t just get a job and tell the State to go piss up a rope.

      She looked at me like I’m King Feeb of the Nitwit tribe and explained patiently that whatever gig she could get with her level of education and experience wouldn’t begin to cover the tab for child care and transpo back and forth from same. By joining the workforce she would have lost money, along with quality mom-kid time. In other words, not trading up, not one little bit.

      It was the classic rock-v.-hard place scenario, and that was a long, long time ago. Things have only gotten tougher since.

      • Larry T Says:

        Yep, the Rethugs only care about kids while they’re in the womb, after that, “ya on ya own!” especially if you’e not white.
        Billary’s a far from motivational speaker but I have a hard time not thinking she’ll carve up the greasy orange turd like she carved up those bozos at the Benghazi hearings when it comes time to debate. He’ll go off on a rant but Billary’s more clever (and probably more dishonest) than all of Drumpf’s Rethug primary opponents put together!

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        I’m still having trouble wrapping my mind around the GOP’s reasoning here. “Greatest country on earth … and we’re gonna let this guy run it.”

        It’s like giving a mint-condition Mercedes-Benz 300 SL to a reform-school dropout with three DUIs, one hand in his pants and his snout in a Baggie full of model-airplane glue.

      • larryatcycleitalia Says:

        The GOP got stuck with the greasy orange turd, now they’re trying to wrap it as a shiny tin-foil present to those with IQ’s higher than room temperature while the turd himself still goes around ranting “We don’t win anymore” and “Make America great again” with those Chinese-made ball caps.
        If the American people are stupid enough to fall for this, my task will be to move to Italy before he gets sworn in as prez. The British jerk LaFarge endorsing Drumpf should make any sane person vote for anyone BUT the turd.

  5. Mike Frye Says:

    The next question is how did we get stuck with such a bad choice between a twit and a crook. I think that old ” tiny hands” was originally working for the Clintons until he got the idea that he could actually be president. I was too young to vote for McGovern and later on I did put in write-in for Ron Paul. Lately, I still vote, but it’s usually just for local tax levies or dogcatcher.

    Anytime I can vote to make the power of the state smaller I go with that choice. Never forget, Adolf Hitler was the leader of the National Socialist party of Germany. Once a person is assigned a number that it’s really easy to forget that there’s actually human being attached to that number.

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