Who knows what evil, etc.

Me and my shadow, strolling down the avenue.

Me and my shadow, strolling down the avenue.

It’s been a little brisk in the ‘hood this week, and yesterday I didn’t feel like tugging on the winter kit for a bike ride, so instead I went for a vigorous hike on the foothills trails.

I had company, as you can see. I don’t think he was Russian. But you never know.

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7 Responses to “Who knows what evil, etc.”

  1. Pat O'Brien Says:

    A Russian hacker that specializes in Apple systems.

  2. Sharon Reed Says:

    Love Robert DeNiro. Could not agree more…dirty water and air and all kinds of other evil are on the way. Just wait when he and Putin get crossways though and we’ll see all the dirt and details they have on Trump plastered everywhere.

    • Mike Frye Says:

      This is a country were Mr. De Nero has the right and obligation to voice those statements. If he lived in Cuba or Colombia, He would just “disappear” .

      The Guy who saved our forests was Teddy Roosevelt R New York. and the Guy who created the EPA (Clean water and air) was Richard Nixon R. California.

      If the China or India had an EPA there would not be a man made rise in greenhouse gas.

      I say, All we need to do is create a cheep catalytic converter for those folks because they would get more heat out of there coal stoves and we would worry about something else.

  3. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    There’s not gonna be any “buyer’s remorse” with Drumpf. I’m more and more convinced the people who voted for Insane Clown Pussy WANT the whole country to come crashing down upon us. They’ve (real or imagined) already been screwed and just want the rest of us to get screwed as well. For them, the sooner it all goes to s__t for EVERYONE, the happier they will be. These folks + the morons who believed Drumpf’s “Make America Great Again” con (who aren’t smart enough to have “buyer’s remorse” in any case) were enough to win him the Electoral College while the majority of voters (2 million + margin for Billary at present) knew better – but our complaints will be dismissed as those of sore losers. My move-to-Italy plans gain momentum with each “you can’t make this s__t up” cabinet appointment announced.

    • Mike Frye Says:

      The question that I have for you would be is it really necessary to degrade the opposition in such a violent manner? While referring to the current President-elect and his supporters as non-humans or morons? This is been done in the past and the results we’re not beneficial. There once was a term referred to as civil discourse.

      When Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill got together and worked out the Social Security system it was going bankrupt But they collaborated together and it’s been going pretty well up until now.

      I am not the enemy and I don’t think you are either, So why not tone it down a little bit? We fortunately are living in the country where you don’t have to worry about the police barging in just because you said or wrote something. But maybe times are changing and we should all be arrested if we say something is politically incorrect. As I’ve stated before the weather in Cuba is really good this time of year.

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