Rain and shine

It's still colorfully humid for New Mexico, but you won't see me complaining. The trails are marvelously tacky.

It’s still colorfully humid for New Mexico, but you won’t see me complaining. The trails are marvelously tacky.

This past weekend’s precip’ was a record-breaker, according to the Albuquerque Journal.

We didn’t get any snow here at El Rancho Pendejo, just a daylong, soaking rain that had miraculously evaporated from the trails by the time I went running yesterday. Only a couple smallish puddles remained.

And warmer, drier weather is on the way, which is good news, as I have video to shoot.

Things are looking a little sunnier down Chelsea Manning’s way, too. The Crypto-Mooslim Kenyan Socialist Usurper has commuted the bulk of her sentence for leaking classified documents, and she will be a free bird in five months instead of 28 years.


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12 Responses to “Rain and shine”

  1. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    To really piss ’em off, Obama oughta come up with a pardon (or whatever) for Snowden while he’s at it and then tell the Swedes the USA has no interest in f__cking with Assange. Then give Alec Baldwin a medal for his success in winding up the Tangerine Trash Can Fire?

  2. mooremediaone Says:

    When descending our local fire roads when they are tacky, we refer this as ‘ego conditions’ – since, well – we descend full guns knowing that “how could we possibly wipe out?” . . . Until we do. Bruised ego, bike, body all at once. Hasn’t happened to me in a while, I started using my brakes as of my 50th birthday 🙂

    • JD Dallager Says:

      We call it “hero dirt” here in my CO locale……makes you think you almost know what you’re doing and you don’t really suck.

  3. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Got a ride in this morning. Now we have rain showers on the mountains. Hope I can sneak another ride in tomorrow before thing go windy then wet starting Thursday night. Did I mention I have winter. Cue Hurben; you can tell us about your sandal tan lines.

    Snowden had a valid purpose. He wanted to alert the people of a serious and mass violation of the 4th amendment. Pvt Manning did not. I think she should stay put.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I dunno, Pat. I’m inclined to go with Charlie Pierce and Kevin Drum on this one. Manning released low-level docs, pleaded guilty, publicly apologized, will end up doing seven years in Leavenworth, including time in solitary, attempted suicide twice … 35 years was a lot of time, and Obama — a nat-sec bug who is definitely not a fan of leakers — decided to show mercy. I can dig it.

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        Good morning! I didn’t realize she had been in for 7 years. Damn, time does fly. She was eligible for parole next year, but with the change in leadership, it’s doubtful that would happen. So, you’re right, it was a good decision. Like Khal, I have some experience in this area though, and I am doubtful that she knew what she was releasing or the impact on security both in Iraq and nationally. She released almost 750,000 classified and sensitive documents. I doubt she read them all or that she understood what a good intel analyst could do with them after a careful analysis. There is a good chance when you combine information from that many documents that top secret information was compromised. Snowden on the other hand knew exactly what he was releasing and the impact it would have. I suggest watching the movie “Snowden” by Oliver Stone. I consider Snowden a whistle blower and Manning a criminal. If I had been her commander, I would have temporarily pulled her clearance until the gender disorder was fully diagnosed and a decision made on her retention in the Army. That would have prevented the whole damn thing.

        Well, time to get ready to ride before California sends us the next batch of storms. Weather supposed to go downhill tomorrow afternoon through Saturday.

      • Carl Duellman Says:

        the movie ‘citizen 4’ is a good movie about snowden and the intelligence agencies.

  4. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Thanks for the tip Carl. I will check out “Citizenfour.” The “Snowden” movie had many scenes of the hotel room interviews. These things are enough to make me paranoid and put bandaids over the computer cameras!

  5. Pat O'Brien Says:

    I am seriously considering a news blackout for the next 72 hours. I’m not sure how I will respond to one more “news” item about Darth Cheeto and his minions. It is as if the world has stopped and not one other damn thing is happening besides our little show in DC. Man, the van by the river, completely cut off from all electronic noise, is looking good.

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