Can’t make it all alone

I’ve got a feeling this year’s for me and you. So happy Christmas, all. I can see a better time when all our dreams come true.

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7 Responses to “Can’t make it all alone”

  1. Stan Thomas Says:

    Merry Christmas yer arse … 🙂
    Have fun.

  2. Libby Says:

    Patrick – A Tom Waits performance (1978) was featured on Austin City Limits (last night locally). So young! I was then, too.

    Merry Christmas- peace, love and joy to all.

    • Pat O'Brien Says:

      We watched it Libby, streaming it on the Apple TV. But, afterwards, we needed something to smooth the edges. Silky smooth. Smoother than a premium steel touring bike with supple 700×35 tires going down a freshly paved road. How about some Mel and Nat?

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I first saw Tom in 1975, at Red Rocks Amphitheatre outside Denver. Dan Fogelberg had finked out as opening act, claiming illness (something he was prone to do, as I recall hearing from folks who were in a position to be snarky about such things), and Waits was in town for some reason and agreed to fill in.

      It wasn’t his kind of place or crowd, and the next time we saw him, in a smallish venue that used to be a movie theater (I think), the show was a lot more up close and personal. Been a fan ever since.

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        I am trying real hard to like him. It’s not working yet. But, truth be told, we turned off ACL after the first 25 minutes. I’m thinking it wasn’t one of his better performances.

  3. Herb Clevenger Says:

    2018 WILL be better as many Americans start the process of change. But it won’t be fast enough for some of us. There’s an old saying (I made up last night after too much Crown Royal) “Keep your eyes on Heaven but your ears on what bubbles up from Hell”
    There were more than bubbles this past year-in fact huge clouds of noxious gases coming up. But I’ve put a close-pin on my nose and will forge on with hope that the world can re-balance and the best that we have in us can begin to show.

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