Speaking of heat …

Pat Oliphant knew the devil when he saw him at the crossroads.

… my favorite go-to pundits, Charlie Pierce and Kevin Drum, both wonder if we’re finally at the crossroads, where the devil does his pickin’ and grinnin’ and invites you to dance along to his smokin’ licks.

Notes Kevin:

“I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s reminded by this of the years-long drip-drip-drip of Watergate revelations. I was only barely old back then enough to really follow along, so it looks like now I get a second chance in full adulthood. But I’m not sure that helps: so much shit is going down that I still have a hard time keeping up. What’s going to happen next week?”

Chazbo, as usual, has the more colorful take:

“I have no faith at all that enough people will do what needs to be done about this compromised and dangerous man. My first reaction to this news was that it would get folded into some nonsense that pops on the Friday news cycle — a barely coherent rage-tweet, or something stupid from the House of Representatives. But this is the yes-or-no moment. If CNN is right, and if Cohen is telling the truth, then, in the immortal words of J. Fred Buzhardt, that’s the ballgame.”


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9 Responses to “Speaking of heat …”

  1. Esteban O’ Says:

    I’m under no delusion that the dude is playing 3D chess with us. More like, we’re trying to play chess, and he’s eating his checkers. But the playbook that has always worked for him is to be more outrageous that he was last week. And at this point, there are no surprises left. He will be shown to be guilty of being a serial liar and an idiot, and most definitely a willing pawn of The Evil League of Evil. But his supporters already knew that and didn’t care. Even with air tight evidence of Rüski Kanoodling, he’ll play the useful idiot card and probably get re-elected.

  2. Dale Says:

    Well there is an emoluments suit against Trump brought by the AG’s of Maryland and DC that has a green light (so far). I am hoping it is the mouse that roared.

  3. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    I think Orange Hitler’s supporters will never give up on him. He was sent by Gawd dontcha know? Of course he’s got a few flaws (just like Jeebus) but they trust him to return the US to the 1950’s.
    In some ways Pooty-poot’s playing the same game in Russia with his faux-Christianity and strongman image. Both of ’em are likely to remain in power one way or another as “you know what my wife says….”
    I think the best opponents of OH can do is flip the House and Senate so he’ll have a tougher time wrecking things. Pooty-poot’s opponents on the other hand, are powerless. OH has wet-dreams about being Pooty-poot instead of being owned by Pooty-poot. We need to make sure they stay just wet-dreams!!!

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Yeah, there’s a lot of bad juju here. About 35 percent of the country is clinically insane and/or dumb as a bag of hammers, but they still get to vote, drive, and generally get in the way.

      Repugs hold their noses and vote the party line no matter who the R is, if only to own the libs.

      Donks split into factions like rats fleeing a flaming landfill, get all weepy if their preferred candidate doesn’t win the primary, and stay home on Election Day, making bread out of sustainably raised, free-range, humanely harvested, GMO-free, organic hemp and pots of tea that smells like feet.

      And a right shitload of “citizens” don’t vote at all, or even register, mumbling that “they’re all the same.” O, indeed. Except some are more the same than others.

      Someone like Il Douche was bound to win the lottery eventually, Russians or no Russians. They’ve come along before but never found quite so much traction.

      People are in the mood to break things. The old gag “Don’t force it, son, get a bigger hammer” is starting to sound less funny to me.

  4. Mark Rothschild Says:

    “Go ahead..pick-up the Hammer…” – Charlie

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