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Is Comrade Eeyore strictly a creature of the hard left?
Depends on who’s talking.

“There’s a lot of supposin’ going on in the immediate aftermath of New Hampshire,” writes Mojo’s David Corn.

Oh, yeah.

John Nichols at The Nation says Comrade Eeyore, lacking definitive victories and facing electability questions thanks in part to less-than-amiable press coverage, must move beyond simple sloganeering to make his campaign “a new center where Democrats, independents, and millions of new voters have a place. …”

Meanwhile, the talking heads who want those “new center” voters pretty much anywhere but Bernie’s place are taking heart in the rise of Amy “Minnesota Nice” Klobuchar and, to a lesser degree, in the tenacity of Mayor Pete.

Senator Professor Warren is now said to be sliding off the back by the same keen observers who ignored her performance in the Hawkeye State Hayride & Corn-Fed Clusterfuck®. If nobody covers you and your campaign stumbles, does it make a sound? Apparently so.

Daffy Uncle Joe is one step closer to that rocker on the porch.

And Mike “Stop & Frisk” Bloomberg still has a big, fat wallet and is looking to slap the shit out of someone with it.

Everyone seems astonished that the Democratic contest remains … well, a Democratic contest. Messy. Noisy. Inexplicable at times, with a smattering of candidates you wouldn’t elect to a school board.

But I guess I’m relieved that we don’t have an Anointed One this time around. Daffy Uncle Joe thinks it’s his turn, or did at one time, but he was and is sadly mistaken.

I’m gonna have to give Minnesota Nice a closer look. There’s something about her that rubs me the wrong way and I’m not sure what it is. Maybe she reminds me of a publisher I’ve butted heads with. There’s a certain smugness in her expression that says, “Oh, I think we can do nicely without you and your bullshit.”

And Mayor Pete? Can’t say I’m a fan. He seems a little too well drilled, and about half a Republican. I’d like to see him on the back foot, watch what happens to his confidence when someone snatches the script away from him.

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21 Responses to “The Granite Slate”

  1. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    I hope our oligarch whips their oligarch’s ass. All you need is enough money to convince about 200,000 stupid people in the right places to vote for your oligarch. If that doesn’t work then you stack the congress against the winner. No significant change over the last 30 years or more. Even if you get a little done, the next person reverses it. Easy sleazy.

  2. SAO Says:

    They’re saying Bloomie leaked his own neg press on a day when he wasn’t on the ballot, to get it out of the way and give himself time to recover. If so, he’s the first candidate to demonstrate long term strategic thinking. I don’t like the guy, but I’m having trouble hating him. Already has surrogates pointing out that it’s odd for a bunch of millionaires to dis the billionaire. Don’t like Stop and Frisk? Well here’s $100M in ads showing Obama introducing him. He’s got an answer for everything, which is easy when all the answers all have lots of zeroes at the end.

    He won’t pick Booker for Veep, cuz then you have NY/NJ on the ballot, but watching Booker debate Pence would be a hoot.

  3. khal spencer Says:

    Aha. Nice post and comments. I knew if I came here first I wouldn’t have to go anywhere else to get an election analysis of the Granite State.

    I have something to dislike about all of these candidates but plenty to like about the fact that its a real horse race rather than a coronation. That’s what’s good about my Demofractious Party. I still worry about nefarious entities trying to undo the vote. Concur with O’G about Aunt Amy. She reminds me of an aunt who is soft spoken in public with a big stick in private. I think that is a good thing.

    Bloomberg was a decent mayor of a huge city and in a lot of respects if you can manage NYC, you can manage a lot. That said, a bright blue candidate from NYC will cost red states, especially given Everytown’s penchant for running roughshod over gun owners and local gun violence prevention folks in places like VA, NV, ME, and NM. Trump would use that to his advantage, to wit, “do you want to see the USA run like NYC and hell yes, he will come for your guns”. If you think single issues don’t matter, wait till a single issue hits you in the mouth. “My first order of business will be to ban bicycles from all arterials, even in residential arterial and cul de sac developments”.

    I’m not pleased with a race between two arrogant billionaires. Mike would be a whole lot better than the Dumpster, but another race where I have to hold my nose and vote? Remember Michael Moore’s warning from last time.

    I think we don’t vote till mid summer here in Flyover, NM. Will see who is left standing by then.

  4. David Rees Says:

    Amy K scares me too. Don’t know why. I think what we’re seeing is not the real woman she is. All politicians have to put on a face and a fake personality, but there’s something very disingenuous about her. That said, she’s about a thousand times smarter than The Asshole. She’d eat the bastard up in a debate.

    • khal spencer Says:

      Don’t worry. If she emerges as a contender, there will be plenty of people raking the muck on her and we’ll find out.

    • SAO’ Says:

      There’s that story about her aid getting her a salad, forgetting the utensils, so AK reamed her a new one and then ate the salad with a comb. Freaking out over a take out order ain’t cool, especially after Pesci warned us what happens in the drive-thru. But I like the rangers-lead-the-way, improvise/adapt/overcome part about eating with a dirty comb. If she ever comes to NOCO, going to ask her if she knows the trick for wiping your ass when you only have one square of MRE toilet paper.

    • Larry T. atCycleItalia Says:

      Who the f–k’s gonna get motivated to charge out and vote for her? She faces misogyny which was a big deal in 2016. She’s got what for experience…Senator from MN? BFD. If they could find another Donk to replace her in the Senate she might make a great “Secretary of something” in the cabinet. I don’t see “moderate Republicans” as the key group to kiss up to here as the votes of people of color and the youth vote will be sacrificed for nothing – they’ll stay home.
      Michael Moore’s been right more often than he’s been wrong unless I’m missing something, but will Bernie be the McGovern of 2020?
      I’ll vote for whoever the Donk’s put up and hope like hell enough folks in the key places will as well, since we’re still stuck with the Electoral College mess.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        I’d just like a better reason for not liking Amy the K than gut instinct (“I don’t like her. …”).

        There’s the Al Franken thing, of course (“Here’s my knife, there’s your back, what’s my hurry?”). And the America’s Heartland® thing, an evergreen annoyance that appeals to centrist-hunters (“Where my unicorn at?”). And right now she seems like the dog that caught the car (“T’hell I do with it now?”).

        Prevailing “wisdom” is that both sides turn out their bases and fight over the mythical center, or undecideds, who really aren’t undecided, just too timid to pick a side.

        Bernie might bring a few new voters to the count, though the Youngs are notoriously unreliable when push comes to shove. And he apparently askeers the Olds, the ones who are not me, anyway. Socialism, boogity boogity.

        More conventional wisdom: If the economy is “good,” the incumbent tends to win. What’s “good” is subject to debate, of course, and to the numbers generated by the incumbent’s people.

        “Lookit these numbers!”

        “Sorry, can’t, I got three jobs and I’m late for one of ’em.”

        Finally, without flipping the Senate, we could put Jesus Christ himself in the Oval Office and we’d get fuck-all for it. The Turtle’s first words to his Flying Monkeys Caucus would be, “Job No. 1 is to make sure he’s a one-term president.”

  5. khal spencer Says:

    The Intelligencer piece is ominous. That this is all window dressing as far as “democracy, small d” until as you allude, the heavy money slaps the shit out of everyone else.

    Time for a great song.

  6. Dale E. Brigham Says:

    Irrelevant Musical Interlude — When I saw The Who last summer in St. Louis, Pete and Roger did this song as an acoustic duet. Say what you will about washed-up rock stars, but those two geezers in their mid-seventies have more drive and energy on stage than pretty much all of their juniors put together. Dale in Mid-MO

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