On the hoof

Me, not running.

Talk about the walking wounded: Herself, who brought a vile head cold home from Florida, joined me this afternoon for a hot lap around El Oso Grande Park.

I decided to leave the Darth Gimp boot at home and went with a simple Ace bandage wrap buttressed by an old Teva sandal. Didn’t quite burst into tears every time I saw someone soaring past on a bicycle. Waaaaaaaah.

Still, it beat listening to Marcus Wobbly, O.D., mumble about “very strongly” considering new travel curbs at the U.S.-Mexico border to keep the coronavirus at bay. Dipshit probably thinks you have to drink a case of Corona to catch a case of coronavirus.


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5 Responses to “On the hoof”

  1. lisafw Says:

    Heal quickly my friend! I’ve been a captive of The Boot many times. And sucks every time.

  2. BruceM Says:

    Ok, PO’G. You do need adult supervision. Take it from someone who failed to behave two years ago and is his seventh week of a cast and now a boot with four more weeks to go. Put that damn boot on! Yeah, it sucks, but so does it not healing.

  3. T J Mora Says:

    The kit is casual and light.

  4. Pat O'Brien Says:

    We have great professionals working 24/7, and the Q tip is on top of it all. Nothing to worry about here, now let’s get that stock market over 30,000. We are great, the market is great, everybody is making money, and only I could do it! And, what Bruce said. But, if Herself said it was OK, then Bob’s your uncle and Fannie’s your aunt.

    • Larry T. atCycleItalia Says:

      Glad Herself is back to supervise you as it seems the cats were laying down on the job. I wonder if/when people will realize eating bats, rats and whatever is not a good idea? “Q-Tip” oughta be ‘splainin it to em! Who would Jeebus quarantine or deny clean needles to? I feel a lot safer here in the land of the mafia than I would in Fat Nixon’s Amerika right now….and I’m probably farther away from anyone infected with Covid-19 than I would be there?

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