Happy St. Daffodils Day


11 Responses to “Happy St. Daffodils Day”

  1. JD Dallager Says:

    Beautiful, PO’G! Thanks! 32F here in the Bibleburg area with ice and fog right now. And…..2-4 inches of snow due on Thursday. Should be a beautiful Spring WHEN it arrives in mid-May. 🙂

    PS: Spring Equinox is Thursday, 19 March, at 9:50PM MDT. Hurben’s sandal tan lines should be starting to fade soon.

    Stay safe and healthy, Mad Doggers!!!!!

    • Hurben Says:

      JD, they’re still so sharp I have to be careful not to cut myself when I put the sandals on.

      That picture reminds me that I should start thinking of planting my bulbs

  2. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Indeed JD. You all stay safe and healthy. The healthier we stay going into to this shit, the better we will be coming out.

    Love the daffodils! They are blooming here, and in Kentucky, as well. Plus, thanks to all the spirits that may or may not be looking out for my sorry ass. I scored tortillas and refried beans at the grocery this morning! Man can not live by bread alone!

  3. Shawn in the Gorge Says:

    A Happy Green & Beer Day to you all ! and let’s not forget about St. Patrick as well. We have the corned beef and cabbage fired up for the evening and I think I have a couple of Oregon micro-brewed stouts (brewed by an Irish Oregonian of course) standing around.

    We’re still about 7 days away from “flush-down” when the magic tush paper (no Phil it’s not blue and it’s not gonna be lit), shall be expired. I’m already planning the heist to hijack a truck carrying toilet paper to my local hoarder party store.

    It’s great to hear about your walking improvements. I hope you’re able to get out and float along on one of your steeds a-la Peewee Herman soon…. Perhaps without the suit.


  4. Michael Porter Says:


    Thank you for keeping the Humor going in these times.

    Is today your Birthday? Not sure why I have that in my head

    The Porters

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Nope, Mike, the big day is the 27th. When Mom’s doc found out what my name was to be, he proposed inducing labor to get me born on St. Patrick’s Day. She declined. Maybe she had a vision of the future and decided to spare herself 10 days of me on the loose.

  5. carl duellman Says:

    my favorite st patrick’s day joke: what’s green and sits on your back porch? paddy o’furniture.

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