Chalk up another walk

Flowers and honeybees and ladybugs, o my.

Mondays used to be running days. No más, no más, as Roberto Duran once said.

These days, I walk. It may be slow, but at least it takes a lot of time.

The view to the east.

Yesterday I marched south along the Linear Trail to Piedra Lisa Park and the Menaul trailhead, then came home via Foothills Trails 401 and 365. Three and a half miles in a little over an hour, with stops for snaps.

Before getting onto the trail proper I noticed the chalk artists had been keeping busy, shifting from sidewalks to walls. More power to their tiny arms.

Once on the trails north of Menaul, it became apparent that I was very much not alone. Happily, you can see company coming a long ways off out there, so I changed course as necessary to maintain the proper socialist distancing. Arroyos are good. Mostly I’m the only guy who seems to like walking the arroyos.

We’re still limited to outings “necessary for health, safety, and welfare,” and I consider that mine are. We’re talking an hour to 90 minutes tops. It’s a small price for society to pay to keep me off the roof and the Marlin .357 lever-action in its case.

Plus I am in The Media™. So there, pffffbbblllffffhh.

Also, if I feel a sneeze coming on while I’m out there prowling the arroyos — it is allergy season — I dig a cathole and bury it. No medals, please; you know what a selfless, modest Man of the People® I am.

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4 Responses to “Chalk up another walk”

  1. JD Dallager Says:

    I was enjoying the art work so much, I almost missed your new Cinco de Mayo banner there PO’G. Well done! Sehr gut! Muy bueno! Tres magnifique! Sierra Hotel! Bravo Zulu! Etc. 🙂

  2. Shawn in da Gorge Says:

    I never did get a chance comment about your bird banner. If I recall my ornithology very well the birds I believe are: A Sanderspassionatous verysocialistus, a Joseindafirerightnow bidenicious, a Bethalizaperhaps warreneestaviceaprez, and a Futuristicuspeteus presidentebuttigiegerous. Whatcha think? Am I a birdman or what?

    Muy Merry Cinco de Mayo !

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