‘I Remember Everything’

Said to be the last song John Prine recorded. He wrote it with longtime collaborator Pat McLaughlin.

Me, I don’t remember much. And a lot of what I do remember I’d like to forget.

But I don’t ever want to forget John Prine.


17 Responses to “‘I Remember Everything’”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    I guess I needed a good cry this afternoon. That was beautiful, and what a loss to lose John Prine right now.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      That was a rough one, losing JP. I think there should be some negotiation over departures like this.

      “OK, I’m taking John Prine.”

      “Hold your horses there, Boss. How ’bout you take the entire Trump family, including any yet unborn, Fox News, most of Congress and the Supreme Court, anyone who throws trash out the car window, Christians who think the Bible is a la carte, Confederates, Nazis, and all the other sore losers, whoever green-lit ‘Space Force,’ and McDonalds.”

      “Any of those people ever write a song that can make you laugh and cry in under three minutes?”


      “Fuck it, then, I’m taking John Prine.”

  2. Herb from Michigan Says:

    Well that puts things into perspective in a hurry. Thanks POG.

  3. si little Says:

    glad to read John Prine is cherished by you all out there.

  4. SAO' Says:

    I think I read this is up thru Sunday, so watch it and rewatch it before it’s gone


  5. Shawn throwing an old printer off into the river..., in the Gorge Says:

    It’s 1:50 AM and I’ve been pukking around with a gawddamed printer. The printer still doesn’t work but listening to John Prine before I head off to bed is a very nice feeling. Thank you.

    • Herb from Michigan Says:

      Did you shoot the printer before throwing it into the river Shawn? I’m told drowning is a horrible way to go. I’ve fished that river near Taos. Never caught any printers but I did catch the back of my own waders. Tried to cast my own fat ass I did.

      • Herb from Michigan Says:

        Wrong river. But I’ve flailed around for brown trout on the Arkansas too outside of Salida. Took some “unexpected swims” whilst kayaking too. Damn glad I wore a helmet that day.

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        I’d pay a dollar to see a picture of that fly hooked in your waders. Just be glad you wen’t fishing for largemouth with a large Lazy Ike (my favorite bass lure.)

      • Shawn, Printer, 50 caliber, yuk! yuk! Says:

        Went to throw the printer in the river and tripped and fell knocking me unconscious. I woke this AM and realized I’d been dreaming. The PRINTER WAS STILL HERE ! So, I dug into it some more. I’ll get it to work or I know a buddy with a 50 caliber and I know the spot where I’ll blast it.

        Fishing in the Arkansas sounds quite nice. A little fly fishing relaxation. I can imagine that standing around out in some cool mountain water might be a nice place to be right about now in that part of the country.

        I swam after a kayak incident once. I actually swam after the kayak. It was drifting down river. After a couple of bends in the river and racing across a rocky sandbar, I dove out (well splashed out into) into the river and caught the boat and paddle. But I lost the spray skirt when I had to abandon it when it caught on an underwater snag. Fun time!

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      My man Hal and I often talked about putting together a Wet Mountain MacShoot® when we still lived outside of Weirdcliffe. We were rocking Mac clones (Motorola Starmax for him, Power Computing for me) and some oddball, off-brand printers, and our IT guy was an hour away in Pueblo. We had the guns and the time for the project, but we didn’t have the money to buy new Macs unless we sold the guns, so we never quite got ’er done.

      Though I believe Hal has since shot an old iPhone with a bow and arrow.

      Hal has also been known to wet a line in the Arkansas and elsewhere. No reports of him ever landing the wily printer. If he did, he’d throw it back, as they make poor eating.

      • khal spencer Says:

        Had a Mac I bought back in the nineties. Most of it got recycled but not sure of how to wipe the hard drive, I took it off to the range and erased its memory with a flurry of 9mm FMJ.

  6. psobrien Says:

    They had that video on the NPR website yesterday. I wish I had discovered him earlier, like many other singer/songwriters. I am learning “Hello In There”. I can play it with open chords, but it sounds better with barre chords which I am still working on.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I think I’ve posted this before, but my go-to for John Prine chords is the John Prine Shrine. Chords and lyrics in the same shop.

      It’s fun to pick an album, play it through the Mac, and try to keep up on guitar with one eye on the website.

      Here’s a good one to tackle in the morning while your fingers are fresh.

      • psobrien Says:

        That is a fun song. One of my problems is that I keeping adding songs to my songbook even though I haven’t perfected the ones already in there. Hello In There was the last one I added, then I called it quits for now. Alan and I are trying to get 2 or 3 we can do together, and I am working on those. So far the songs are House of the Rising Sun, Last Thing On My Mind, and Deep River Blues with me playing rhythm and Alan playing lead finger style.

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