Smoky, no jokey

I’d like air that’s just a little less chewy, please. And thank you.

It’s a bad day to be an air-breathing organism.

InciWeb shows four fires in New Mexico, two in southwestern Colorado, and an even dozen in Arizona.

The Bush Fire northeast of Mesa is the biggie at 115,000 acres. That’s pretty country out there. Or it was, anyway.

As a consequence, we in the Duke City have been awarded an “Air Quality Alert” by the National Weather Service, and I will testify that the air is of very poor quality indeed. I’d send it back, but UPS says they won’t pick it up.

And there’s no telling when we might get a suitable replacement anyway, with the Bush Fire only 5 percent contained.


6 Responses to “Smoky, no jokey”

  1. Pat O'Brien Says:

    The Bighorn Fire blew out yesterday during red flag condition and gained over 5000 acres working its way East and up towards Mt. Lemon. The mountain is closed and the residents evacuated. We got some smoke from it, and saw a large smoke plume going up, yesterday.

    Changing subjects for a second, with your permission of course. I can contact you my email if you prefer. Do you still have that video of Marv playing “Down And Out?” I’m thinking of leaning it, and I would love to share that vid with my guitar buddy Alan. I think of Marv every now and then when I pick up a guitar or heard a busker singing that song in Bisbee before the plague.

  2. Libby Says:

    Uggh. I hope the fires are contained soon and you get rain as well!
    It’s on the dry side here – the jet stream is swooping low. Of course, when it rains it never just rains anymore. It’s always a storm, often torrential rain, and high winds and sometimes flooding even though the spring melt is long over.

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