Just another manic Monday

Anybody else feel like their rhythm is a little off? Like you’re dancing with one foot in a bucket?

Makes it hard to shake your moneymaker, that’s for sure.

Today we had a routine AC/furnace check on The List, and in Plague Time these things are scheduled in a window rather than on the dot. Ours was from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., which is a really big dot. Basically a picture window.

I took five at the Piedra Lisa parking lot to snap a quick pic while letting a fleet-footed woman blast past.

I didn’t like the view, but there it was. I usually do a medium-long hike on Mondays, but we both overslept and by the time the morning chores got done I had about 45 minutes to work with if the dude was closer to 10 than 2. Herself had the usual conga line of nightmares moonwalking through her office and I didn’t want to slip another foot-dragging zombie into the mix.

So, boom, I’m out, I’m back. Zip and zip and zip. So pro. No word from the dude. So I figure I’ll do a little light resistance training just ’cause. The phone rings halfway through, a number I don’t recognize, but I pick up on the off chance it’s the dude, which of course it is. He’s five minutes away and on the move.

Anyway, we passed the checkup. The heat heats and the cool cools. I managed a third of a hike and half of a weights session. Herself made bank. What’s not to like?

Speaking of which, here are two new recipes worth a look:

A simple no-cook pizza sauce from Kitchn. Herself likes these corn-meal pizza crusts from Vicolo and with two of those, this sauce, some mozzarella, a little leftover turkey-taco meat, and a handful of chopped black olives and mushrooms, we had two nights of dinner dialed in.

Turmeric and black-pepper chicken with asparagus, from Ali Slagle at The New York Times. This was really good. Simple and quick and versatile and really, really good. It goes into the rotation. But “serves four” me bollocks. The only reason we didn’t eat it all at one sitting was that we wanted some leftovers for the next day’s lunch.

The bad news: Our local Penzey’s Spices shop is closed. And that ominous oinking you’ve been hearing from Portland? It may be coming soon to a town near you.

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23 Responses to “Just another manic Monday”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    This is getting fucked up.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Nothing like the old “outside agitators” ploy. That’s some old-school shit right there.

      You watch the video of the fuzz thumping and gassing the Navy vet? Big dude with some bigger stones. Annapolis grad, varsity wrestler. You get the feeling that a fair fight — say, him against all the dudes thumping and gassing him, but without the nifty military gear — might’ve ended very differently.

    • SAO' Says:

      Surprised they felt the need to go that far. There are enough Fox viewers, Q types, and the likes willing to do the work for free.

      ‘Member how this started? Minneapolis? Plain clothes cops were busting windows, trying to turn a spark into a flame. Seems like a non-starter as a strategy, because it relies on lots of stupid people to think it’s all Obama’s and Biden’s faults. Oh, wait … relying on stupid people … never mind, of course it will work.

  2. Shawn just down the road from Portland with a truck full of pitchforks, tar and feathers Says:

    Penzey’s online has been backed up. We just got a notice this AM that our recent order just left the spicey shoot.

    Since money is a precious commodity these days due to life’s more important factors, I address such interior comforting equipment repair myself. It helps that we’re still operating with the analog and hard component controls and I can stock up with relays, transformers, pressure switches and condenser fan motors. The only problem is that I stress over any change in sound of the A/C system. The local A/C folks really don’t like me but until I can afford the price of a moderately nice used car, I’m going to continue to disappoint them.

    I was going to toss in my profane thoughts about the federales in camo slinking around downtown Portland but I thought I’d just quote what Dan Rather so professionally inferred, Get the Fuck out of Portland assholes.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Yeah, their site says orders are like two weeks behind. Yikes. I gots to have my spices now.

      As regards home repair, I regret to confess that I am preposterously incompetent. I was the dumbest kid in my seventh-grade shop class, and I have only gotten dumber with age and experience.

      I can spend hours tinkering with a blog post, cartoon, video, or podcast. But ask me to spend 10 minutes with a mechanical problem, or anything involving electricity or plumbing, and I will pee down one leg, shit down the other, and run shrieking and stinking into the night.

      Oddly, the one exception to the rule is that I can wrench on my own Macs when I have to. That, like cooking, grew out of necessity when we lived outside Weirdcliffe. The food up there was mostly wretched, and we missed northern New Mexican grub terribly, so I taught myself how to do a passable imitation. The skills translated to other cuisines, and I was off to the races.

      Samey same with Macs. The nearest Mac repairman was in Pueblo, a 110-mile round trip, and he was as expensive as a second wife with a coke habit in Aspen. So I learned through trial and error how to resolve simple issues with hardware and software.

      It’s much easier now with the Innertubes and everything. IFixit and Other World Computing offer detailed instructions on how to do this, that, and the other, with videos and everything. So even a feeb like me can replace drives and memory and whatnot.

      Not the battery in a 2014 MacBook Pro, though. You need to borrow a pentalobe Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake for that one.

      • Shawn Says:

        I was surprised. When we ordered Penzey’s did indicate they were backed up for at least 2 weeks. But they were able to get our multi-spice order out in about 5 days. Gotta have those fresh spices.

        The internet sure is a valuable asset when it comes to fixing things. I’m always amazed that I can search about some obscure task and some preeminent doofus with more intelligence than I has already addressed the issue and taken the time to video it for us late comers.

        It can sure save a few bucks sometimes when we are brave enough and have enough time to waste tackling what we consider a difficult task. Although some are tougher than others – pulling apart and trying to fix a first generation DuraAce STI lever. Yikes. It convinces one very quickly that 105 is simply DuraAce in disguise

  3. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Ain’t no jive, it’s 105! Deore LX/XT or 105 is all I ever needed or wanted.

    “Dancing with one foot in a bucket.” “101st Vanborne” Classic! Permission to steal? And yes, my rhythm is way off. If it wasn’t for our double bubble, I would be in deep shit.

  4. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Here’s one from my bathroom book of insults.

    Every time the dumpster opens his mouth, it’s a vocalamity!

  5. Herb from Michigan Says:

    Man this is creepily feeling like Kent State to me. Tin soldiers et.all.
    We’re finally on our own…
    What would happen if those camo-outfitted “guardians of America” took a knee with the protesters? De-escalation? I’ll go ahead and say it. These days our National Guard and too many military enlisted think it’s a fekking video game out here. Waaay too much testosterone and very little brain wave activity.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      The trick is to not engage with these shitheads. Not the way they want you to, anyway.

      Do yoga like Naked Athena did. Or sing lullabies like the Portland Moms. Dress up in suits and ties and ballroom gowns and hold a prom in front of the sonsabitches. Make ’em look like the fascist clowns they are.

      Too tame? These pendejos are out-of-towners, so they don’t know the neighborhood. Play the old “sparrow with an injured wing” routine — get a few of them to chase you around a corner where your bros will be waiting with wrist rockets, plastic bags of runny dog shit, and multiple escape routes.

      Water balloons full of paint from upper-story windows in easily escaped buildings. Quiet electric scooters whose passengers are armed with old-school fire extinguishers full of something vile but non-toxic.

      Have fun with it. But for chrissakes don’t engage in any set-piece battles. Lighthorse Harry Lee and the Swamp Fox knew better than that.

      • Shawn - Grilling Burgers in the Gorge Says:

        Dark blue suit, red power tie, rebel flag lapel pin, glossy black dress shoes, tailored orange wig, and a Big Bertha driver. Set up two blocks away and launch Black golf balls at the camo clad Trump squad. Each drive would be quickly followed by a vocal “Cheeeeese Burrrrrrger!”.

        Blast off a couple of drives. Scurry down and over a couple of blocks locating oneself two blocks away from Trump squad central at a point 90 degrees from the previous shots, and blast a couple more Black babies off.

        “Cheeese Burrrrrrger!”

        Scurry, scurry, scurry.

        After a few shots, jump into a dark blue rental mini van and scram. But watch out for the locals thinking that you might actually be the cheeseburger in chief.

        • Patrick O'Grady Says:

          Or a well-drilled squad of faux Adolf Twitlers clad as you describe, but clutching plush cats as they goose-step in formation.

          “Squad, reeaddddy … wait for it … GRAB THE PUSSY!”


          Our chief weapon is surprise, surprise and ridicule. Our two weapons are surprise, ridicule, and scorn. Our three weapons are surprise, ridicule, and scorn, and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope. Amongst our weapons … amongst our weaponry. … I’ll come in again.

    • khal spencer Says:

      Except this isn’t the National Guard being Federalized. Its Trump using the DHS agents as his private Gestapo.

      Patrick is right. Don’t engage on their terms. Giap taught us that, or should have. Use Gandhi techniques like M.L. King did in the sixties. That’ll fix Orange Hitler’s wagon.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        We may get a chance to see how ’Burque’s Black Bandanas respond to a federal incursion. I’m not optimistic.

        And what in the actual fuck is Gonzales thinking? This looks like exactly what Heinrich says it is: Adolf Twitler’s Brown Noses coming to town to snatch hoodies on skateboards off the streets, with the sheriff’s blessing. And I don’t see it putting Gonzales in the mayor’s office.

        The cartel boyos must be having a good hee, and also a haw.

        “Oye, officer, you missed one over there,” shouts Tuco with a grin as he cruises past the melee in an Escalade full of meth and money.

        • Pat O'Brien Says:

          We shall see if the “101st Vanborne” shows up in Kansas City.

          I was around for Kent State, but I was occupied in another part of the world. All I thought about that at the time was how damn deadly an indoctrinated kid with a rifle can be. Especially if they have to use it to keep themselves and buddies alive for just one year.
          Somehow, despite the massacre at Kent State, this current situation seems more sinister and dangerous. That is because of the tangerine turd’s enablers and butt sniffing loyalists, at all levels of federal and state government, working behind the scenes. That especially applies to Barr who seems to think an imperial presidency is OK.

    • SAO' Says:

      Thing is, these folks aren’t even the Nasty Guard. They’re mall security and campus cop rejects who answered a DHS ad in the back of Soldier of Fortune.

  6. SAO' Says:

    Going to save that pizza sauce idea.

    The kids love making pizza dough these days, and cooking it on the grill is their preferred way to go. But we also found this great lavash at Sprouts, Atoria’s whole grain and flax. Throw it on a baking sheet, spread some sauce, toppings, bake for 5-7. Nothing faster and the kids aren’t even picking off the broccoli and artichokes and hiding them in their napkins anymore!

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