I had one of these back in 2001. I got all the strength training I needed pushing the sonofabitch when it broke down.

Top-shelf “van life?” Four-figure “smart” strength-training equipment?

Betimes one wonders whether The New York Times ping-pongs back and forth between Manhattan and San Fran without paying much attention to what’s in between.

Clearly, what Joe and Jane Sixpack are crying out for in Middle America is a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with a factory-installed Tonal.

Either that or, y’know, like, a Bug vaccine, dinner with friends, and maybe a fucking job.

Let’s ask Studs Terkel, shall we?

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15 Responses to “Kibboleth”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    The Grey Lady holds her breath when she passes over flyover country. And then the coastal elites wonder why we think they are assholes.

  2. SAO' Says:

    What Americans want is …

    … a Schwinn that’s made in America …

    … that you can buy at Wal-mart!!

    • Dave Watts Says:

      It isn’t exactly Schwinn’s old Campus Green color, but it is close. And it has the head badge, the quality seal on the seat tube and the full chrome fenders. Dang. Brings back memories, not all of them good.

      If someone buys that, I’d bet I still have some OEM NOS white Collegiate decal sets in my parts drawers, if it is to look even more old school and authentic-y. Not trying to sell them, just say’in I’m stupid to still have that kinda stuff in my basement.

    • Pat O’Brien Says:

      “The good old days weren’t always good, and tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems.” Keeping The Faith by Billy Joel.
      Trumpinistas live in a delusional fantasy the power elite created for them so they could rob us blind and then leave.

    • B Lester Says:

      That’s nice, but I noticed the color, too. Too bad they biffed it, unless the marketing geniuses decided a change was better. With all due respect to those gentle readers in the profession, I will apologize in advance. But I’ve experienced professional “marketing” leading to the demise of more than a few brands.

      Of course, I’m in manufacturing management, where we dubiously lay claim to doing “real” work.

  3. Herb from Michigan Says:

    Didn’t I see you in that truck “down by the river”. Thanks for the Studs link. I haven’t read him in many years and need a dose.
    As for the Schwinn Collegiate frame welded in Detroit, we can use the work for sure. Not exactly Rivendell level brazing but neither were the old Schwinns.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Those Collegiates are made in Detroit by Detroit. I wonder who does final assembly. Those big-box piecework builds can be ugly and dangerous.

      You ever see any of Detroit’s other work in the wild? They’re doing e-bikes now. I’ve only seen ’em online, I think. Samey same for Shinola. Never seen a living breathing human aboard either of em. I like the idea and the price points, though.

      Studs was the man. I have three of his books, among them “Hard Times.” I don’t know that there’s anyone comparable to him in today’s media landscape. Truly a one-off.

      • khal spencer Says:

        I’ve yet to see a Shinola under power up here, either. Pretty bikes and a nice idea for making stuff here in the States. I guess you gotta order online, as their nearest store is in Denver or somewhere in Texas. And lo and behold, Waikiki!

      • SAO' Says:

        Some humongous conglomerate that owns Pacific also makes Cosco and Safety1st, so they already have deals with WallyMart. The 500 bikes went overnight. Weird selection buttons … you could pick a M/L 18” frame or 700c wheels?

        • SAO' Says:

          Looks like a responsive design error … it’s M/L vs L/XL on bigger screens but on phones the labels are reading the wrong value.

  4. JD Says:

    Apologies for infringing upon this thread; but I thought I heard a guitar in Khal’s second comment…….so…..knowing how many of you play and/or love the guitar, I stumbled across this fellow on YouTube: Rick Beato. Incredible talent and guitar et al savvy. See what you think!

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