Java jive

I love the java jive and it loves me.

Presidents Day, hey? Well, given the events of the weekend, the less said about that, the better, perhaps.

At least he’s an ex. Now all the until-death-do-you-part types know what the other folks are going on about when they talk about “the ex.” Lots of hollering, property damage, relationships shattered, neighbors appalled, cops called, lawyers engaged, and tons of money pounded down the rathole.

Then, if you wind up on the wrong side of the judgment, you try to assemble some sort of new life out of the wreckage as the asshole struts around talking shit.

The sun peeks over the Sandias.

But hey, at least we’re all freezing our asses off, right? It’s still February. Ten degrees when I arose and tottered to the kitchen to make the first of three authoritative Americanos with my old friend Mr. Krups.

I have been blessed over the decades to have an early riser for a wife. She made the coffee, and all I had to do was show up and drink it. Until Mr. Coffee went Maoist on me.

“From each according to his ability to each according to his needs?” sneered this two-bit Chicom barista-bot. “What you need is a cup of lukewarm bilge, comrade.”

I beg your pardon?

Mr. Coffee was informed in no uncertain terms that his services were no longer required, and now Mr. Krups and I spend a few brief, enchanting moments together each day, in the bleak frosty darkness of a Duke City morning.

At some point I’m going to have to go outside and shift a little snow around. But not just yet. Mr. Krups has just had a marvelous idea — another cuppa.

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21 Responses to “Java jive”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    Two above zero here an hour ago. Dang, was hoping to go below zero just for shits and grins. Of course that means I hope the pipes don’t break.

    Coldest I’ve seen it at the house since we moved here from paradise was about 11 or so below zero up in Los Alamos one year. I think that was the year there was a natural gas shortage in these parts and pipes were breaking in Albuquerque.

    • khal spencer Says:

      Just looked it up in the Almanac. Feb 3, 2011. Low was -18. I knew it was cold that day!

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      We had a lot of subzero days up to Weirdcliffe. Hal is still having them. But he doesn’t hate them as much since he installed a wood-burning cookstove. Now he gets warm and fed at the same time.

      • khal spencer Says:

        Up in Bombtowne, we had a wood burning stove in the downstairs and lucky we did. One winter night the furnace went belly up while Meena’s sister and brother in law were visiting. Was up at o-dark thirty getting a fire going in the wood stove and tending it all night till we could get someone out there to diagnose the problem. Turns out the stupid furnace controller had some little electric gadget that went on the fritz. Sheesh.

  2. carl duellman Says:

    it’s supposed to get down to 25 here in the morning. it’s been in the upper 40’s all weekend. cloudy, windy and humid makes it hard to dress properly for a bike ride although it did get in a glorious 30 miles up in the forest.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I remember humidity from San Antone. Not fondly.

      I also remember that it snowed twice in the five years we were there. Each time we got maybe a half-inch, an inch. And each time school was canceled and all the Texicans went apeshit.

      We found this odd, since we had moved to Texas from Ottawa, where it snowed enough for us to build three-story snow caves with attached garages, and school was never canceled, which is how come I got to skip ahead a grade when we moved to Texas.

      Just a dusting in Ottawa

      Just a dusting in Ottawa, circa 1960. Click here for a larger version.

      • khal spencer Says:

        A little like Buffalo in the sixties. One year I built a snow cave in front of the house in January after a storm whipped up a drift almost as tall as the house (single story). We kept expanding it with turrets and used it to wait for the school bus while keeping out of the wind. Finally melted and collapsed in the spring.

  3. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Cold here too. 31 for first cup of joe, and now it is 41. I’m freezing.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      That’s frosty for your neck of the saguaros, innit? Some evildoer has made off with our pleasant desert climate. If I wanted to live in a snowbank, I’d be back in Colorady, dern it all to hell anyway.

  4. Shawn Says:

    A beautiful morning up here. About 30F, light snow with off and on sunshine. I just wish that one of these days that I still had a pair of Nokian studded tires for the all-around bike. I always regret selling the ones that I had.

    The birds are happy with their indoor room temperature feeder and the flag is flying to celebrate all the real presidents that we have had. Maybe I should make a small paper flag with a crossed out 45 on it and hang it out as well.

    Your wife doesn’t have an older, uglier, not so smart sister that still gets up early to make coffee does she? I hate to waste things so I got up this AM and microwaved the leftover coffee from yesterday….. Yeah I know. I didn’t mean for you all to spit out your mouthful of fresh coffee in disgust. But I’ll soon have a delightful cup of pressed freshly ground French roast in just a few minutes.

    Bon cafe’ !

    • Shawn Says:

      Uh, please allow me to elaborate sir: My fresh-coffee deprived mind was not inferring that your better half was ugly. “not so pretty” is more appropriate. I apologize and here is all of my lunch money. Please do not beat me up.

      • Shawn Says:

        Yikes! Reading my messages it appears that my foot is deeply embedded in my mouth. I meant to say “older, not so pretty, and not so smart SISTER”. But let me just end my shame by saying that your wife is a goddess and you are a saint.

        and here is tomorrow’s lunch money too.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        O, man, I ain’t gonna have to cook for days and days and days.

  5. Ira Says:

    Beautiful here on the east coast of Canada. Minus 5 communist degrees, sun shining, light winds. I just got back from an hour of snowshoeing in 2′ of powder around a local golf course. Enjoying a fresh cup of java from my 35 year old Moulinex coffee maker, still works like a charm (made in France no less).

  6. khal spencer Says:

    We had a great espresso maker in Honolulu but hardly used it. Sadly, in retrospect, we sold it at the garage sale when we were moving to the Land of Entrapment.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I’ve never had a good one, but then again I’m not exactly a connoisseur. I bought the Krups primarily for road trips before java went all disco, with a Starbuck’s on every corner. Motel coffee is the worstest. I’d crank up with a couple shots of espresso, pin on my number with palsied paws, and go make a twitchy fool of myself on the race course, bzzt bzzt bzzt.

      • khal spencer Says:

        Only reason ours was a great one is I got it from my neighbor Dan, who was an executive chef. He got a new one and asked me if I wanted his old one. Otherwise, I woulda got the basic model.

  7. John A Levy Says:

    Mssrs. Hamilton & Beach have a timer function that works well as my wife will not drink coffee. Grind it the night before put in basket with filter and water and Voila you have coffee great idea. This morning 3 inches of fresh snow and the temp has risen to a balmy 12 degrees F. Not been brutally cold but -10 to -20 for the last week with wind chills in the n -25 to-35 range. Have a mini french npress cup but too many steps to work in am. Boil water put grounds in bottom, pour over grounds wait 3 minutes. sure it tastes good but caffine fix is slow in coming. Best to wake up and smell the coffee alr3e3ady brewed

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      The Krups is pretty quick. Load it with water and coffee, hit the button, and stand back. Also, boil more water in the teakettle, for the Americanos. I’m not at my best in the morning, but I can manage that much. Just barely.

  8. Pat O’Brien Says:

    Grind up some fresh Justo arabica and brew it in a manual pour over Melitta. Bob’s your uncle. And, Fannie’s your aunt.

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