Some faces should be covered.

The guv has decreed an end to New Mexico’s mask mandate.

Going forward, anyone looking like this is probably a bank robber who can’t afford a car.

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13 Responses to “Unmasked”

  1. JD Says:

    Or a “former” Trump associate/White House staffer testifying before the NY AG’s efforts or a Congressional Committee? 🙂

  2. khal spencer Says:

    My first reaction is a happy dance. That said, I figure I will hang on to a KN-95 or three for those times when the crush of humanity seems to be closing in on me. I still don’t trust this thing.

    • Pat O’Brien Says:

      I will continue to mask in risky places like the grocery store until the community spread goes to moderate in AZ. Like Khal, I don’t trust the virus or politicians. Both of them mutate too much and too fast.


    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Yeah, I’ve seen this movie before. We all went about with our faces hanging out and the State said, “Whoa, bad idea, put yore face panties back on!”

      Community transmission is still high in Bernalillo County (“Gateway to Los Lunas’). I bleeve I will stay covered up a while yet. Too many bidnessmen hungry for bidness and too many politicians politickin’. I think the guv kicked the legs out from under Doc Scrase with her announcement.

      • khal spencer Says:

        I think this was highly political, as even the Democratic People’s Republic of California dropped its mask mandate. But we shall see.

        Nice show on 1A this morning about how the whole country has had it to the gills with masks and we can’t pound on the public forever just ‘cuz the medical people say so. And, of course, its an election year in New Mexico. My hunch is if the SHTF again, the masks will come back on by order of Mom of the Fourth Floor.

        Natural Grocers and Total Wine were pretty empty this morning when I hit them. That will be my modus operandi. Was nice to walk in from the cold and not have my glasses totally fogged over.

        Besides, the way things are going in the Putin vs. The World game, those KN-95s might be pretty good for keeping the nuclear fallout out of our lungs.

    • Shawn Says:

      It’s interesting to discover how impatient a large portion of the US public is. 600,000+ people die and we whine and complain about wearing masks. I will continue to wear mine in more crowded areas relative to my rural area (4 people in about 10 square meters), and although it is inefficient, I’ve decided to double mask to maintain a little semblance of effectiveness. For me it’s become a symbol of trust in science.

      I was trying to think of a metaphor about allowing people the individual liberty about whether they should wear a mask; The thought came to me about radioactive material. Perhaps it is everyone’s right to have and do with what they want, a portion of radioactive material. Although it may be deadly, certainly a whole lot less than half a million people die of it each year. What’s wrong with all of us having our fair share of free fissionable material. I mean, it’s not much different than the covid virus. The virus mutates, radioactive material decays. We of course can take precautions with the radioactive material we are entitled to, but hey, it’s our right to do with it what we want. “What’s that? Grandma likes the way those Beta’s keep her warm at night? Like I said, it’s a free world. Keep on rocking.

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