It’s June, and soon the monsoon

You can’t spell “monsoon” without “soon.”

It’s the summer solstice, and when I arose at stupid-thirty to make breakfast for Herself it sounded like a Tarzan movie outside.

No rain overnight, unless you count the deluge of evil tidings from far and near. Chama is out of water. “The Sedition Show” continues in DeeCee. And the less said about Texas the better. (There’s actually very little that’s new in the outrage du jour, as Texas Monthly reminds us. Molly Ivins could I.D. this crowd with her eyes closed, which they are, more’s the pity.)

But the North American Monsoon is expected to resume here directly, which, yay. It may not be ideal for cycling, but I have bikes with fenders. And the trees drink that stuff up like my people hitting a pint of the black. Even the federales have a hard time setting you on fire when you’re soaked to the core.

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10 Responses to “It’s June, and soon the monsoon”

  1. Herb from Michigan where we ain't so smart neither Says:

    With apologies to your Texas readers, I think we should sell Texas to the Chinese. Make a few bucks on the deal that we can pour back into making some of the more sensible states livable. I think (some) Texans are a hankerin’ for a dictator so hell, let the Chinese give em one. The hot air coming out of many Texan politicians could turn a few wind turbines yes? I’d love to see how Texas holds up without Fed dollars raining down on them all the time. And they have been less than grateful about it. I realize it’s bad form to brand all Texans nut cases but for crying in the night they keep electing tools like Cruz and Ab-bott. My old man used to say “if you want a whoopin so bad by god that’s what you’ll get”.

  2. Pat O'Brien Says:

    The Texass gop are the kings of sound bites, cliches, buzzwords, and kicking down bullshit. I would throw stones at Texas from my Arizona glass house, be we have our own plague of trumpian traitors over here. If ignorance is bliss, the Texas and Arizona gop are some happy assholes. We could sell Texas to China and get direct truck delivery of cheap shit to the wally worlds. But, we would have to build a wall around them.

    When it comes to wildfires and school shootings, it seems we are more concerned with finding someone to blame than fixing the problem.

    We have a 70% chance of rain today. Got a sprinkle last night. Tucson is about ready to run out of CAP water. Surprised?

  3. Pat O’Brien Says:

    Watching the “The Sedition Show” for the last couple of hours off and on. I wanna see some indictments, soon. Like you said Patrick, this shit show will ruin your day if you let it.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I was gonna listen via NPR — where I call the committee hearings “This Unamerican Life” — but decided I’d rather go for a run before it rains.

      Indictments, indictments, indictments. Jail time, son! Bring it! Steal a 40 from the 7-Eleven you’re doing a stretch in the Graybar Hotel, but try to steal the country and you get to walk around outside the razor wire like reg’lar folks. Reg’lar folks with a shit-ton of money and a law firm stocked with Great White Sharks, that is.

  4. Pat O’Brien Says:

    I just want to see the dumpster broken, disgraced, and political life ruined. Rudy, Eastman, Bannon, and Meadows need some time in real prison, not club fed, for felony seditious conspiracy. How about down in Gitmo?

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